Monday, April 11, 2011


I have not been feeling very inspired over the last week, I guess you can probably tell that by the lack of blog post.  I do have some things to share, I don't have my camera (it's with my husband at the moment) so I can't really show you anything so I'll ramble...

I have been sprucing up the yard, a few houseplants made it outside this week because of the warmer temps.  Fresh pinestraw has been placed in all the flower beds thanks to my husband...I am so allergic to the stuff, so THANK YOU WILL :).  I have a lot of thoughts about planting new plants this season and I think I will be planting in containers only, minus the vegtable garden.  There is a reason for'll see. 

I have been babying my tomato plants, eggplants, asparagus, and lettuce that I planted a few weeks back, moving it outside every morning and inside at night, preparing it for planting.  I am hoping this Sunday I can get everything including more seeds planted in the garden. 

I ordered my chalk paint and it is on backorder :( I cannotfreakingwait! for this to get here.  To fuel my want for it today I saw it featured again on Perfectly Imperfect, Shaunna gave it rave reviews.  So while I don't have the paint I am dreaming of furniture to paint and I have been scouring Craigslist because I really want a buffet/sideboard, I haven't found the right one, nothing speaks to is out there, I know it, just wish I had more time to scour goodwill and thrift stores too. 

I have been cleaning a lot, cleaning out closets, trying to maintain a clean house, cleaning up dog hair and cat hair.  I want to take some pictures so I can take you all on a house tour soon!  It is nothing spectacular, but I am very proud of our house and what we've created.   I hope after this weekend I will have a chance to take those pictures and post. 

The reason for the mad rush in cleaning and the lack of projects and inspiration is because we may be moving :(  It is a long story and I will tell it very soon.  We will be putting our house on the market sometime in early May so we have a lot to do and if we end up not moving we have REALLY spring cleaned! 

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