Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shut the Front Door or Paint it

If you follow me on Facebook and have for some time you may remember several months ago I asked about a front door color for the new house. 
A Heart's Desire
October 13, 2011
Ok readers I need your advice... I have to pick a front door color on the new house. The house is ALL WHITE, White with White trim and no shutters. I'm thinking color, but I don't want that to be all you see....What color???? do you think?
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Well for those of you that commented…Orange, Blue, Red, Green, thank you, they were all great ideas.  But a Pinterest find pulled at those heart strings and I knew it had to be closer to this. 

When we moved in the door looked like this…
Not a huge fan of hunter green.  When I posted the question on Facebook the builder had asked me what I wanted, a few hours later I got the call that they wanted to just paint it green because they had the paint on hand.  So I agreed, knowing I could change it later. 
This was my Pinterest inspiration

Source Via House and Home
Stunning, right?  One day I hope my front porch can look this glorious, but for now we are keeping it simple.  This was a great photo for me to use as inspiration because the glass door is similar to mine.
The thing that really kicked me into to gear to paint the door was a great little Goodwill find.
I found this Smith & Hawken lantern for $9.99 and it was the perfect addition for the front porch but I needed to get to work and paint the door to tie it all together.
I decided while I was at it to paint the little table grey to match the theme of my inspiration photo. I also painted the inside of the door the same color because it to was also painted green by the builder.
Here is a close up of the color, it was hard to get a good picture with the sun coming through the window. 
This is a nice change for the curb appeal.  I am very pleased with the color and really love the new color on the plant stand and my thrifty lantern find.
Now I just need a good book, I have the perfect retreat :)

Paint colors used:
Exterior: Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue, HC-144
Interior and table: Benjamin Moore Iron Gate, 1545

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Kitchen Island

Long story short…I have a brand new kitchen island and it was FREE!
Here is the skinny on how I scored it….
I know you are wondering why I needed one since we just moved into a new house.  The house did not come with an island but the builder staged it with one and he let us continue to borrow.  We really didn’t want to spend a lot of money and had found an acceptable one at Target for $250 but we were not 100% sold.  We really wanted a furniture look so I started the hunt on Craigslist for a furniture piece to redo and found the perfect piece for $50….it was an old dresser/sideboard that had character and we would only need to find a top for it and paint.  I called, and the lady had just sold it with in the hour!! Disappointed but back to the hunt.  
We knew the builder was wanting his back and we need to find something and soon.  I was talking to one of my customers that does kitchen remodels and also sales cabinets, asking  if he had any less expensive options. He said sure and it won’t cost you anything.  I was like, for FREE??? He confirmed and I still could not believe.  Even free I can be picky so I wanted to know what it looked like.  He had a picture and a drawer but otherwise I really didn’t know what the exact size was or what it looked like but told him I wanted it.  We picked it up a few days later sight unseen and I was so surprised.  I begged asked him quietly to let me pay him something, but he refused. 
We totally scored!!  This is a super high end cabinet line, furniture like piece with a granite, yes I said GRANITE top!!
IMG_1674I love it in our kitchen.  It is a little smaller that what we had in here, but it fits the kitchen much better.  
This is what it looked like when we picked it up…not bad at all!


This was actually a piece that connected to other cabinets so the end cap had to be fixed. Will helped me out with this and he said it was pretty easy to fix.  I knew I’d be painting so it didn’t matter.

IMG_6856 IMG_6881
I am so happy with it.  I probably would not have chosen this color granite but it works well in our kitchen and after painting the piece in Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, color French Grey and finished with clear wax it really made it pop.   We also added a pull and I thought this one was really fitting because it had a similar pattern to the drawer.
IMG_1666 IMG_1669
Now I have a nice wide drawer for my silverware and knives.  I still cannot believe this island was free!  I usually don’t have such luck.  The only thing I bought was the $3.48 pull.  I already had the paint and wax and it didn’t take much to cover this because it was in such good condition. 
IMG_1667  IMG_1675
What do you think?
p.s. I also had awesome luck at Goodwill the same day I picked this up…stay tuned for those neat finds….or start following me on Instagram to see sneak peaks.  (name is aprilletchworth)


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Monday, July 9, 2012

Pinterest Challenge-Summer Edition

Hi Everyone!  I am joining in on the fun with the Pinterest Challenge tomorrow July 10th.  Be sure to stop by and see Katie, Sherry, Kate, and Michelle’s blog to see all the other projects. 

This whole challenge really got me off my butt an into high gear this past weekend working on all kinds of things that I had been putting off!  Glad to have the energy to get going on some projects. 

I decided to take a neat little window frame that I had and use it as my artwork for my backsplash. 


I’ve had this little picture for a while now and I really liked the window frame idea, I just had no where to use it.  I am glad I held on to, it was perfect for this spot above the sink.  I needed something nice and neutral.  My Grandma picked this up at a yard sale for $2 and this is what it looked like before.


My Pinned inspiration came from this picture….

I don’t know where the original source is!!! It is not pulling one and I pinned it a long time ago.  This is the best link I could find…HERE.  But credit to whoever did this…I love it!

I totally love the idea of using this little frame this way in the future and I am thinking of a black and white photo of our chocolate lab, Abbie. I did not, however, want to use a picture of the dog in the kitchen and I really wanted something neutral since the house is on the market.  So I just took the picture out and left the glass.  It can be my imaginary window, that I really wish was there :)


I cleaned it up, sanded down the edges for the wood to pop out and boy was that NOT easy, factory finish on this bad boy.  I wanted to add a little color but not paint so I waxed the finish with Anne Sloan's Chalk Paint Wax but mixed Duck Egg Blue paint into the wax.  It was my first time adding color to the wax and it worked really nicely.




I am very pleased with the way this turned out.  It is in the perfect spot now. 


Hope you are all getting a chance to complete a few projects this Summer.  Don’t forget to check out all the websites above tomorrow July 10th for the Pinterest Challenge.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th Fun!

Hope everyone has a a safe and wonderful 4th of July today celebrating America!  We had a little party last night and had lots of fun.  Fireworks, Food, and great Family & Friends.

I was so excited to entertain again I bought cheap tacky decorations to put up all over the house.

 IMG_1479IMG_1477  IMG_1480IMG_1481

I made a corn dip and potato salad I have pinned on Pinterest….you’ll have to follow me to see :) They were both great.  And thanks to my Mom, Aunt, Mother in Law, and Sister in Law for the extra help with the food and Will for grilling hot dogs and hamburgers.  We ate well!




We had a wonderful Fireworks show thanks to the guys!

IMG_1505   IMG_1506



We only had one fire :( and we were very prepared for that.

IMG_1522 Best Friends, my cousin Kayla (right) and here friend Brittany.  Loving the dyed t-shirts in red, white, & blue.

IMG_1501 My cousin, Heather’s little girl, Emma.

IMG_1491 Our friends, David & Maria’s son Parker

IMG_1492David, Wilder, Frankie, and Maria


Everyone have fun today and enjoy the day!