Monday, January 30, 2012

The Little Table that Could

Finally, I finished this one!  I am not thrilled with the results but overall it turned out well.  If you want a look back take a look at this post to see the issues I had covering this with chalk paint.  It’s always the smallest projects that take the longest!!!
I painted with Old White and then used Annie Sloan’s dark wax to cover.  I really like the color it turned to.  I used too much dark wax to start but learned that you can brush on additional clear wax over it and then wipe away.  The disappointment was that I wanted the dark wax to stick in the turns on those legs but it kept wiping out.  I think I just need more practice with it.  And I’m ok with that :)
In case you missed the before shots here are a couple….
The table was in parts when I received it.  I had to basically rebuild it.  It looks good but I wouldn’t sit anything too heavy on it.  Glen is pretty light and he loves sitting on this table!!
This was after three coats of chalk paint.  I had some issues with coverage but after I primed it with Kilz things went smoothly. 
Not sure if I want to keep this one or sale.  Maybe I will decide once we sell a house and know where we will be living.  Unless I get an offer to purchase :)
What do you think?  Anybody else a little scared of the dark wax??

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Home Pictures

I had planned to share with you my finished table that I painted this weekend….But I thought instead I would share with you some great photos I took today over at the neighborhood we developed so you could see this adorable house in all it’s glory.  I took pictures when the house was finished and shared with you guys but I went over and lightly staged the home and took a few more. 
We currently have this house on the market and I don’t think it will be long before it sells because it is a real charmer.  But if our house sells first I’ll be happy to move in :)

Here you can see the Virtual Tour but take a look at my still shots below.

IMG_0332Love these wide plank hardwood floors
IMG_0330 All the doors in the house have an old style
IMG_0354 This Dutch door is one of my favorite touches
IMG_0351 Bead board in the breakfast nook
IMG_0340 Master Bedroom
IMG_0342 Master Bathroom
IMG_0344 Bonus room or Loft
IMG_0349 The other side
IMG_0348 Bedroom 2
IMG_0345 Bedroom 3
IMG_0347 Second Bath

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

See more info on the neighborhood and development at Glen Iris

I’ll be back soon with the table make-over…

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I’m a Bird Watcher

I love it.  I swear I am a cat in another life.  Here are a couple shots from my backyard.  Excuse my feeders they are a mess.








Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Updated Twin Bed

I have been busy painting this weekend.  I am still working on the table I mentioned last week but I got a new Chalk Paint color, French Linen, I had to paint something with it. 
This bed was a perfect candidate, it is another estate sale find,  remember my Mom bought a whole lot for $15 including a dresser, bed, cabinet door, antique drawers and a pie safe!  I have had some really great projects from that sale.
IMG_0098 This one went from scratched up and dull to wow with just one coat of chalk paint!  I was so excited to only need the one coat on this one.  I then waxed with the clear wax then the dark wax.  I love this new color! It’s a mix of green, khaki, and grey. 
IMG_0184 I love the details on this bed.  The knobs are missing from the footboard but still this has a nice simplistic design.
IMG_0177 The spindles on the footboard are my favorite.
IMG_0172 Here is a shot of me in action, nappy hair and all :)
IMG_0181 What do you think?  Do you love this color as much as me?!? 
Hope you have all had a great weekend!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chalk Paint Does Not Cover Everything

I was hoping to share a little easy project with you this week but no such luck.  I started working on this table last Sunday.  I at least put it back together…a little crooked but whatever :)
I just wanted to paint it Old White and wax with the dark wax to show off those legs.  Here is what it looked like after one coat of paint.
Here are some shots after the second and THIRD coat of paint!!!
So the whole point of using the chalk paint on this one was to avoid the priming step.  I wanted EASY.  Since Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint is said to need no primer and prep work I was a little ticked that I’d used up almost all of the remaining old white that I had on this to try to “cover” this one.  So, I emailed the “contact us” page at the company website.  And Annie emailed me back!  I was surprised she emailed herself.  She gave very helpful advice and I thought I would share with you guys. 

My Email…
>Hi! I have used chalk paint on many projects and have had great success.
> I
>have had to use two coats of paint on most projects but I've always
>been happy with the finish with no primer. I recently started work on
>a small table that was in bad shape, old stain and some water spots.
>The original stain seems to have a red tint. I have used Old White on
>the piece and the red is bleeding through. I applied my third coat of
>paint tonight and the red is still bleeding through in various spots.
>Any advice? Is this typical? I really don't want to continue wasting
>paint if it is going to continue to bleed through. Just wondering what
>some thoughts would be, I can always prime and re-paint but I had hope
>to avoid all those steps with chalk paint.

Here is the reply…
Hi April
Occasionally I find a piece of furniture that this happens with and it was a particular stain that was used. No amount of paint will stop it and so I just get my knotting which is use to block the stain from the sap of knots coming through, and coat it al over. It is extremely quick drying so I use a pad of cloth to dab all over. Then I repaint and you will find it is fine. Knotting can be found in any ironmongers, hardware type store - get clear if you can , or buy clear shellac - it's the same thing!
I'm glad you have had success with the chalk paint before this!
>Annie Sloan Paint
>33 Cowley Road
>Oxford OX4 1HP
>0044(0)1865 247296

Of course I emailed her back in thanks.  I didn’t want her to think I was unhappy because I love Chalk Paint, it is awesome stuff.  I had never even heard of knotting, but did a little research on the internet and it stops wood knots from bleeding which is kind of of what I thought after reading her email.  However, I don’t think that is what has happened to this table because there are no visible knots and it is way more splotchy.  I think I am going to spray prime it with Kilz on the top and try repainting.  If that still doesn’t work I’m throwing it in the dump….jk :)  I’ll just try shellac, that will stop it! 
Have any of you had any issues with chalk paint?  Or painting disasters lately?