Monday, April 18, 2011

Garden Planted

This past weekend I planted my garden. It looks so tiny now and after the third year of planting I realize that it doesn't take long to bloom and it grows quick! Vegetable gardening is such a rewarding type of gardening, even with the small garden that I plant, it is too much for the two of us too eat. I love being able to give some of it away as well.

This year we will have patty pan squash, summer squash, cauliflower, eggplant, baby beets, tomatoes, and herbs (dill, basil, & chives). I am most excited about my tomatoes this year, I planted 5 varieties. Probably not the smartest thing to do since Will hates tomatoes, but I love them! We will have the following...

Sweet Gold-yellow, gold tomatoes with a naturally sweet flavor
Black Cherry-sweet, rich and complex flavor. True black tomato.
Cherokee Purple-heirloom tomato, sweet and rich, perfect on a sandwich
Cherokee Green-a variation of Cherokee Purple, complex flavor
Virgina Sweets-gold-red bi color, enormous in size

I started everything from seeds this year and I purchased them all online. Tomatoes at Tomato Growers Supply Company and all other at John Scheepers Garden Seeds.

Here is a photo of my supplies before starting...

Here are my little seedlings before planting...

So I decided how to layout the garden on the fly, I used my seed packs as a guide. I am sure there is a better way and a lot of planning could be done to have a more successful garden but I am not much on the researching :)

Here it is planted and herbs...

I planted a few tomatoes in pots as well. And if you were wondering I did not plant all the tomato seedlings, I am giving some away.


p.s.-stopped by Goodwill today to check out the furniture selection and I am always surprised at how high the prices are here. $499 for an entertainment center!!! It just seems as if my fellow bloggers find much better deals. I need to stop more often :)

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