Monday, February 25, 2013

Bunny Jars for Easter

Hello friends!  I had so much fun with my little Easter craft over the weekend!  These were super easy and they look so cheerful.  I found a “pin” on Pinterest a few weeks back and I just had to try these.  I have to say this is probably my favorite “pinned” project ever, mostly because they actually look GOOD!

Say Hello to Bunny Jars!

Bunny Jars for Easter

Bunny Jar Gifts

This craft was really cheap for me.  I only spent around $15 because I already had most of the supplies.  I only needed to purchase candy, Easter grass, a few extra jars, and the bunnies of course.  The following is the breakdown of supplies needed.

Supplies Needed

The bunnies turned out to be a surprise find in the end but I had a hard time.  I searched Oriental Trading, Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, and Googled plastic bunnies a million different ways and came up empty then I stumbled upon these at my local thrift store for $1.49…LUCKY!

Of course you need spray paint too, I had quite the pastel collection already.

spray paint

Really simple instructions

Step 1 –Use the Goo Gone to remove the labels from food jars and then wash

Step 2-Super Glue the bunnies to the lids

Step 3- Spray primer on the lids

Step 4-Spray paint in the chosen color

Step 5-Assemble the grass, candy, lid

Coral Jar

Tall Green Jar

Yellow Bunny Jar

Short Coral Jar

I can’t pick my favorite, they are all so cute.  I think they make great Easter or Spring d├ęcor as well as Easter gifts for friends or family.

I found my “pinned” picture trolling Pinterest one day and these are really great.

Source HERE and HERE 

The site referenced above is in Chinese. I couldn’t tell you what most of it says and Google Translate is little help here, but these jars are great and I love the wrapped foil candy inside too, adds a little more glamour.  To whoever made these, they are great and really inspired me.

I will be linking this post to the Winter Pinterest Challenge that Katie & Sherry host along with two other bloggers.  I hope you will be joining on the fun too and sharing your “pinned” projects to.  I can’t wait to see what everyone else brings to the table.

Happy Bunny Hopping to you all!

Bunny Jars for Gifts

p.s. If you are following me on Instagram you got a glimpse of the bunny lineup Sunday…LOL!

bunny lineup

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Closet

I finally finished up operation jewelry storage today in our new closet. 

I have wanted for some time now to have a dresser in the closet for those everyday clothing items to store my jewelry in the top drawer. 

I bought the dresser from Goodwill last Summer and painted.  The new house has the perfect big closet for this piece to fit in.  We love having a dresser for storage in the closet.

Closet Finished

I added an accordion style rack on the right to hang my scarves and I like being able to see those. 

On top of the dresser I have my painted jewelry box and a little wire stand to hold a few necklaces.


Before I used a furniture style jewelry box that I’ve had since I was a child and it was filled with all my jewelry, current and childhood.

Old Jewelry Box

It literally took me days to go through all of it.  I had a lot of things that were my Great Grandmother’s as well as childhood jewelry that I could not part with.  I separated that out first then decided what to keep and what to get rid of.  Then there was the problem of how to organize the rest so off to The Container Store I went.

Jewelry Stax

I purchased 4 of these Jewelry Stax boxes.  What’s really great is they slide apart and they have clear plastic covers to keep jewelry clean.  It wasn’t the cheapest way to go but I think these will last a long time and it allows me to store the jewelry I don’t wear daily.  I bought three small containers at $9.99 each and one large one for necklaces at $17.99. They range in shape and containment size.

I was able to get everything I wanted to keep in these 4 containers and stack them in the top drawer of the dresser.

Jewelry organized

I had purchased the yellow egg crate from World Market a few weeks back and it is perfect for storing my everyday earrings and rings. We have room for my husbands “emptying pocket” tray on the left and all my jewelry hidden in one drawer.  It doesn’t look to be super neat but it is all organized.

I feel like the closet is the one room in our new house that is finished.  The only thing left to do in here is hang a blind up over the window.

Closet Layout

Closet Finished

It is super nice to have BIG closet!  I love it!

p.s. I’ve been working on an awesome furniture project I cannot wait to share!  I have some finishing touches to do but it is looking great.  That will be up next.  Have a great week everyone!



Sunday, February 3, 2013

New House New Pretties

Hey Ya’ll, I know it’s been a while.  We’ve been working hard to get unpacked and settled in to the new house.  It’s been so cold we haven’t been able to get into the garage and get the rest of the house stuff sorted until today.  I was hoping by now I could take some pictures of finished rooms but it’s still a mess. 

With a new house comes new wants and needs and I have purchased a few new things to make it feel more like home around here. 

Rug Kitchen

If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook you have already seen this beautiful rug.  I needed color in the kitchen and a runner so this was the perfect fit.  I found this at World Market for $79.99.

Rug Target

This little 2’x3’ rug was not needed but the colors were so cheerful, I wanted it for the Laundry room or our Master Closet.  It didn’t work out in either of those areas but I didn’t want to take it back so I put it by the bed and it adds a fun pop of color to the bedroom.  Found this at Target for $29.99.  

Lamp Hobby Lobby

Love this lamp for our Office!!  I’ve had my eye on this one for a while, I was just waiting to get moved.  Hobby Lobby for $79.99 at HALF off, $40.



Our Office is a room I am really focusing on because we both work from home from time to time and we need a nice comfortable work space.  I really don’t want to paint walls in this house since we will likely only live here a year or so but I wanted a place to add color and storage.  I love the Pottery Barn Studio shelves but those are around $300 each and I needed a better deal.  Found these at Target for $129 each.

Fabric Bulletin Board

Again for the Office, I had a bulletin board but the fabric was almost the same color as the wall so I needed something a little different.  I picked this up at a local fabric store and recovered this guy in less than 10 minutes.  I added some pictures and sayings I love and will get great use out of my dry erase boards by having them up on this.


lamp TJ Maxx

This little lamp is new too.  Believe it or not, I had the exact same lamp in another color (purple shade, silver base) that was broken in the move.  I went to TJ Maxx in search of another short lamp for this dresser and found the same one!! I was thrilled.  This little guy was $29.99.

house plants

Last up, new houseplants.  All of my plants except for two died in this winter move.  I left them on our screened porch thinking they would be protected enough and they bit the dust.  I had to have a few more around here.  Houseplants are one of my favorite things to decorate with.  I snagged these at Wal-Mart (except for the rabbit foot fern).

We also had to buy a refrigerator and were lucky to find a great deal on Craigslist for $150.  We had to have a TV for our living room too and got a good deal at Best Buy this week since TVs are in high demand for the big game tonight….at least Will said it was a good deal :).

Now we are back to broke and must curb the spending! We do have to buy blinds and that is last on the list for now…everything else will be a work in progress.  It’s funny, moving 3 times in 6 months really makes you want to simplify.  We got rid of a lot when we moved the first time and now I have even more I’d like to sale or donate.  I’d like to be very patient with all other purchases and really spend time living here and evaluate if we really NEED it.

Also…I have a lot of furniture projects in the works.  Hopefully soon I can give you guys a house tour and a sneak peek at some of those furniture projects coming soon.

Enjoy the Super bowl tonight! Who are you pulling for?