Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Craft-Bunny Jars

Good morning!  I wanted to re-post this project from Spring of 2013.  It was by far one of my favorite little crafts.  I would make more every year if I could easily find the little bunnies.  These were super easy and they look so cheerful.  If you are looking for a quick easy little Easter gift, this is easy and was well received.  Good luck finding the little bunnies though.
Say Hello to Bunny Jars!
Bunny Jars for Easter
Bunny Jar Gifts
This craft was really cheap for me.  I only spent around $15 because I already had most of the supplies.  I only needed to purchase candy, Easter grass, a few extra jars, and the bunnies of course.  The following is the breakdown of supplies needed.
Supplies Needed
The bunnies turned out to be a surprise find in the end but I had a hard time finding.  I searched Oriental Trading, Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, and Googled plastic bunnies a million different ways and came up empty then I stumbled upon these at my local thrift store for $1.49…LUCKY!
Of course you need spray paint too, I had quite the pastel collection already.
spray paint
Really simple instructions
Step 1 –Use the Goo Gone to remove the labels from food jars and then wash
Step 2-Super Glue the bunnies to the lids
Step 3- Spray primer on the lids
Step 4-Spray paint in the chosen color
Step 5-Assemble the grass, candy, lid
Coral Jar
Tall Green Jar
Yellow Bunny Jar
Short Coral Jar
I can’t pick my favorite, they are all so cute.  I think they make great Easter or Spring d├ęcor as well as Easter gifts for friends or family.

Happy Bunny Hopping finding to you all!
Bunny Jars for Gifts

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Flowers

“She turned to the sunlight
    And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
    Winter is dead.
-A.A. Milne
My favorite flowers are daffodils and this time of year I have a permanent smile as I drive around.  I love seeing the speckle of yellow welcoming Spring.  I also love to find a spot to pick some to bring inside and enjoy.  This weekend I stopped by an old home site that I know and much to my surprise my very favorite daffodil variety was blooming.
By the house
The sight of a field of daffodils always takes my breath away.  I just love them so much!  I enjoyed snapping pictures of them to share with you. 
Field of Daffodils
Growing by the tree
This is just my absolute favorite daffodil and that is the only variety growing here.  I have loved this type since I was kid.  I remember there was an old house I used to go pick them at and there was only one bunch like this there.  I called them shredded or chewed daffodils then, they look like a pop of confetti.  They are actually called Van Sion and are an old heirloom bulb that creates a double bloom. 
I also found a new to me flower, Snoflake, such a pretty bell shape and gorgeous among the yellow daffodils.
Daffodil and Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley
There is truly something special about seeing forgotten flowers spring to life each year.  Of course I had to pick a few.  I didn’t take to many as they are beautiful growing right where the are but I can tell you I have enjoyed them inside and they smell great!
Picked Daffodils

bells vase
Hope you are enjoying Spring as much as I am.  The Spring buds are so much more welcoming to me than the leaves turning in the Fall.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Wreath

I hope it is feeling a little more like Spring in your area.  We had a fantastically beautiful weekend and the weather finally seems to be getting a little warmer. 
I wanted to update our front door wreath with something a bit more cheerful.  After Christmas I usually just put up my plain grapevine wreath with our family monogram on the front.  Its simple and easy and could be used anytime year round. 
But for Spring and Easter season I like something with a little more color and something that is a bit more seasonal. 
I updated my old Spring grapevine wreath with Easter eggs by just removing those and revamped the wreath with flowers and a cute Spring sign.
Spring Wreath
I found these beautiful ranunculus flowers at Michaels Crafts at 1/2 off and they made the perfect pop of color for what I had in mind.  The branches I already had on hand.  I found the little tags at Target in the dollar spot and hot glued those to twine and strung them across the wreath for a simple spring sign.  The best thing about this is once we get in to Summer I can remove the Spring sign easy and use this wreath well into the warmer months.  
I love using grapevine wreaths, they are so easy to decorate and change out.  They give you a natural feel and are great seasonally.  I just cut the stems on the flowers and stuck them in the wreath, very easy.  I highly recommend having a few grapevine wreaths in different sizes on hand.  You can find them at any craft store.

On another note, I wanted to pass along a new company I learned of,  Patience Brewster.  They offer whimsical designs and are best known for their ornaments.  Check them out online if you have time.  Patience Brewster Online 

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Exciting News!!

Hey everyone!  I have been hiding from you, waiting to share our good news.  I have been thinking of decorating a new room a lot lately. 
Bunny Nursery
A nursery!  That’s right we are expecting a baby this Summer!  We just found out this week it is a baby girl and we are thrilled.  Although, I am feeling like my intuition needs a check up, I have been convinced it was a boy,  All the while, most of our family thought it was a girl.  So, needless to say I was surprised!  We feel so blessed and we could not be more excited.  Now I just have to start planning a girl’s nursery, a boy nursery was fully complete in my mind, lol!.
I will open up those secret Pinterest boards so you guys can see what I am thinking.  I can’t wait to start decorating the nursery and sharing it with you guys.  I have learned a lot about babies and baby needs in the last few months but one thing I know is the decorating.   
I am 18 weeks along and just starting to see a little bump.  Now that we know the gender I already feel more connected. 
I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.