Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Décor Tour

Hi There! Merry Christmas Time!!  I’m jumping on the blog band wagon today to share my Christmas decorating this year.  I would say it’s simple & eclectic this year, our new house is really challenging me in my holiday decorating.  I don’t have much room for a lot of stuff and I don’t like clutter so I kept things to a minimum. 
I simply put up a tree in our living room and added a few other touches to that room, the dining area and office.  I showed you all the bedroom here.  I’ve had the decorations up since after Thanksgiving but I’ve been so busy I just haven't’ had the time to post. 
Living Room
Living Room Collage

Dining Area
Dining Collage 2
Dining Collage

Home Office
Office Tree
Office Wrapping
You noticed even my wrapping paper is eclectic this year, Ha!  I bought several fine paper rolls from The Container Store two years ago after Christmas and just had to use a few this year.  The plain brown paper and reindeer paper came from Target this season and that reindeer paper is my FAVORITE!  I have used my gifts as décor and they are not under the tree to keep big chocolate paws off of them!
Only 7 days til Christmas!  Hope you enjoyed the little tour and I hope you are all having a great Holiday Season.  I am looking forward to some family time and get togethers this weekend with great friends!