Monday, May 2, 2016

Living Room & Furniture Makeover

Hey Guys!  It’s been a while and I’ve teased you with a Living Room reveal for a LONG time.  It’s not 100% finished but that’s only because I can’t accessorize as well as I’d like with a 9 month old who is interested in everything!  So, here goes with the final results, at the very least you will appreciate a good furniture make over. 

Our living room sits at the front of our house and in general tends to be low on natural light until the afternoon light pours in.  My goal was to brighten the space with more neutral color choices.  I would love to paint the walls a white or pale grey but then I’d have to paint the kitchen and dining room too, and that task just seems too big.  The push in changing things up was that our couch was in need of a replacement or facelift and we needed more seating…a cute baby draws big company. 

Here is a before picture of our space.  I had tired of the pink and green but the space was well put together and cozy. 


We took away the big green chair, recovered the sofa and added three chairs.  It took me a month to figure out the arrangement.  Which was not that different now that I see that before photo, ha!


I could not find a sofa that I liked as much as the one we had, the pillows and cushions needed to be plumped but the overall size was perfect for us.  Recovering with new fabric was also the less expensive route, not by much but I knew I’d love the couch.  I am so impressed with the sofa, it looks brand NEW.  I had the skirt removed which helped make it feel lighter and the color coordinates better with the rest of the house.  Everything is just a bit more neutral even though it is a blue now.



The new pair of chairs were a set I found at a thrift store years ago and I snagged them because I liked the size and it is so hard to find a pair in a thrift store, they were $27  a piece.  They look amazing now! Can you believe it?!?



Since taking these pictures I did get a fiddle leaf fig tree as a birthday gift and I added it to the back corner of the room, it fills this space nicely.




The other chair we added was the splurge for the room, a leather recliner from Pottery Barn, it is the Irvin chair.  I love the chair, it does not look like a recliner (this was a must for me), and it is smaller but still comfy.  Leather was not the best choice for us, our cat has already done a number on this with scratching, UGH!  Lesson learned.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour and that you are having a fabulous weekend!  I made it out of the house for the day yesterday to attend an antique sale in Liberty NC, it was so much fun! It had been a while since I’d had time to antique shop and I found too many little goodies. 

**If you live in the Wilson/Rocky Mount/Raleigh Area I’d be happy to share the Upholsters name it you are in the market.  The sofa fabric came from the Cloth Barn in Goldsboro and the chair fabric came from Premier Fabrics in Raleigh.

Have a good week my friends!


Sunday, February 14, 2016

20 Things

I thought it would be fun to do another 20 things post since it has been a while since I have posted on the blog.  I have been a little busy, being a new Mom and going back to work full time is pretty hard I’m not gonna lie! Whew!  I am pretty sure it is like boot camp!   It’s nice to be back at work, I am just learning to handle the chaos on a whole new level. 

I miss blogging but it has been on back burner and I am pretty sure it will stay that way for some time.  I miss you guys and I am eager to post from time to time.  In fact I hope to post on our living room soon, we have new furniture! 

For now here is a fun look at where my current thoughts are…..

1) I love Aquaphor!  How did I not know about this stuff before, It is great for baby skin and all my skin ailments!  My feet are becoming softer by the day. 

2) I have house fever, I am itching to build our dream home…It is creeping in my mind, like EVERYDAY.  We have no land and don’t have a house plan, but I am dreaming!

3) I am SO TIRED.  7 months into motherhood and I am regularly getting only 6 hours of interrupted sleep. I’ve read 3 bestseller baby sleep books and followed the Pediatrician's advice, it’s not working.  Still, I can’t believe it’s only been 7 months, even through sleep deprived eyes my baby girl is growing like a weed! (more like kudzu)

4) I have a terrible sugar addiction, I want to quit but I love  need Dr. Pepper and that just make me crave more sugar.  I have a goal for 2016 to do better. 

5) In home d├ęcor I am really loving acrylic and gold. Together. Separate. I love it!
I am currently crushing on these Acrylic boxes at Ballard Designs.

6) I am thinking a No Spend Month would be good.  I don’t want to buy anything we don’t need for a solid month.  We are quickly running out of space in our house and I just want to feel like things are being simplified. Saving money is never a bad thing. March sounds like a good month!

7) Breastfeeding went awesome.  I stuck to my 6 month goal and  actually went 6 months and 3 weeks.  I feel so blessed that I was able to provide nutrients needed and that it went well.  I am so glad I stuck to it!  I did however learn more about boobs than I ever really needed to know.  Thanks Google.

8) I wish I’d known about Mamas Milk Box before now. It is a nursing apparel service for breastfeeding Mamas.  I never had luck finding good nursing tops and this would have been nice.  I only learned about it a few weeks ago.  

9) I love Inkwell Planner, I ordered my 2016 planner from their imperfect planner sale and I really like this one.  It is everything I dream of in a planner and I do day dream about good planners!!

10) Over night oats, my new breakfast go to.  These are easy to make ahead for the week and yummy.  I am trying this recipe for this week, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough.

11) I tried Stich Fix, wasn’t my jam.  I received 4 boxes, kept 4 pieces total and 2 boxes were a complete bust.

I2) I’ve been watching the Good Wife past seasons, it’s great.  My new binge watch.

13) The only other show I watch is Fixer Upper, love it.  Chip is hilarious. Joanna amazes me!

14) Valentines Day is not my favorite but this year my heart is FULL of LOVE, I am completely in love with our daughter, Lainey

15)  I continue to love Home Chef. It is so good, so easy and perfect for now.  You can read about my post of it HERE

16)  I love being a Mother, it is so rewarding and I love watching her learn!

17) I’m on the road a lot for work and I love podcasts, my favorite is Dave Ramsey but lately I’ve enjoyed Serial.    

18) Jelly Cats stuffed animals are so soft! They make good gifts, I hope Lainey loves her Valentines Love Bug.

19)  My hubby’s Birthday is on the 15th!  Happy Birthday Baby!

20) It’s really too late, I should already be asleep.  (It’s only 9:55 pm)
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