Friday, June 12, 2015

Nursery Bits

Hey ya’ll!  I know it has been forever since I have written a post but today I am off work and I thought I’d share a little nursery progress with you.   The room is almost complete, just waiting for a few final touches and I can’t wait to show you the whole space!!  It is just as sweet as it can be!

There were a few things I knew I wanted to do in the nursery regardless of the gender.  One was use the cuckoo clocks I had been collecting and two was to frame a storybook print I had seen on Pinterest.  These were things I had been holding onto before I even knew I was pregnant.  Once we learned we were having a girl, I knew I wanted to incorporate more birds into the space and I chose my paint colors.  I have tried to keep everything fairly neutral in the room and let the little fun things pop out. 

So here are those three DIY projects I’ve been working on.

First up the Storybook print.  I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back and the whole meaning behind the Velveteen Rabbit story meant so much to me I knew I had to use it! 

Rabbit Picture

The original source is from Family House & a Cat, Marie does a fabulous job with the tutorial and I followed it to achieve the same look. 

I bought the frame at Hobby Lobby, had an engineer size print printed, and had it framed with just glass.  Overall I think the whole project was around $50.   Pretty good for a piece of art so big! 

This print hangs above my little rocking nook.

Rocking Corner

I love the meaning  behind the Velveteen Rabbit and so this print was special to me. I have a Dolly, also named Dolly that I’ve had since my first Christmas, I slept with her until I went off to college.  In high school girl friends teased me when they spent the night, but she was always real to me and comforting to have.  She is still near to my heart and in a safe place, I just prefer sleeping with Will these days!


Next up, I painted my small collection of cuckoo clocks.  If you have been a fan of this blog for long, you know I have a thing obsession for birds.  I’d collected 3 clocks and got them all at junk stores for under $20 each, I think in total $40.  I just taped up the clock and parts that I didn’t want painted blue and layered on the spray paint.


Once I finished with the blue, I hand painted the purple in the center on the left one.  Next we  just hung them up, pretty simple project….just tested my patience while I waited for the paint to dry between coats.


Last on the DIY round up I knew I wanted to extend the bird theme a bit once we found out it’s a girl.  I thought about a wall of bird wallpaper but then decided to give stenciling a try.  I ordered the large bird stencil from Royal Design Studio and it was perfect for one wall.  I picked three colors to paint the birds with and followed the tutorials on the company website

Royal Designs

This was so easy!  Much easier than I thought it would be honestly.  I bought the stencil, paint roller, and tray from Royal Designs.  The paint used was  just sample pots of Behr from Home Depot.  This project overall cost about $55 and took less than 2 hours to complete from start to finish!! 

There  is your sneak peak of our nursery.  I hope to be back soon with the  full reveal!

Enjoy your weekend!