Sunday, August 31, 2014

House Tour

We’ve been in our current home almost 2 years now, it’s time I share the whole space with you.  You’ve seen a lot of decorating along the way but here is a snapshot of the whole house. 
Front Porch
When you enter our front door you’re standing right in between the living room and kitchen and just beyond that is the dining space.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Backyard Garden Tour

As Summer slowly slips away I thought I’d share my backyard plants from this season.  I have enjoyed our yard tremendously this year.  Last year was our first Summer in this house and we added a few flower beds and planted flowering shrubs and trees.  This year we expanded those beds and I planted more.  We’ve been lucky that it hasn’t been an extremely hot Summer and we’ve also had plenty of rain so everything has flourished.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tour Through Blogland

Happy Sunday Everyone!  My friend Renee over at The Refined Relic ask me to take part in a Tour Through Blogland which is a group of bloggers posting about their home & blog so that other readers can get to know them better.  Please be sure to check out Renee’s tour HERE.
I was actually scheduled to post on Monday but I am traveling for work so I decided to get this going today.
with plants
Here at A Heart’s Desire I blog about decorating, my crafty adventures, furniture refinishing, gardening and occasionally something yummy I’ve baked.  I enjoy the process of making a house a home and putting my stamp on our home.  I enjoy my home, inside and out and pour a lot of love into it.  I hope that is something my readers pick up on when they read my adventures.
From Above
Over the past few years and soon after starting this blog, me and my husband Will have moved a few times and it has given me the opportunity to decorate a few homes and find ways to use my belongings in different ways.  Many years ago we bought land to develop into a neighborhood and we have been working on selling lots to builders, but with the ups and downs of the economy it has taken some time to do this.  We have built two homes in the neighborhood  and lived in both, leaving behind our first home.  We are now living in the second home that we built in the neighborhood.  It is a small farmhouse style that really fits our current needs.  This process has taught me to live on a decorating budget, so I have become quite the thrift shopper. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Church Plates, a New Collection

Hey Guys!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend, mine has been pretty awesome since I just got back from vacation!  Ahhhh, relaxation at it’s best! Back to the real world and work tomorrow though.
I did have time to squeeze in a little project that has been hanging around for sometime.  I have been collecting commemorative church plates since the Fall and finally have enough to hang. 
I started seeing these church plates when I was out antiquing and I decided the next ones I found I would start a collection, then of course I could not find any!  My sister in law found the first two for me and then everywhere I went I had to look for them.  I tried to find mostly plates from NC and had pretty good luck with that but have some others mixed in as well.  I wanted to hang these in one area to group them all together.
Church Plates