Sunday, January 19, 2014


The older I get the more I love this month.  I have come to enjoy the quiet days of winter when we are not so busy, however, I’ll never get used to the cold.  I’m a homebody and in the winter I like to stay inside and the quiet allows me dream for the new year and in turn I end up most inspired by decorating. 
After all the Christmas decorations came down I cleaned, really deep cleaned.  I threw out things, washed baseboards, washed windows, and vacuumed nooks and crannies.  Once everything felt new I made a to-do list of things that needed to be done this month. 
Red Berries
Once we started knocking out those to-do’s I started re-arranging and re-decorating areas.  I start to see my house again, I look at the areas I love and the areas that need change and I feel like I start from a fresher perspective.  I see ways to use old things in a different way.
Bedroom Picture
This January I’ve been organizing and making the most of wasted space and I have been decorating small areas.  I also have taken inventory of what I want for the upcoming year and how I want spaces to change.  The dining room is first on the list and I finished my gallery wall as part of my to-do’s and I found a rug that I love.
Dining Room 2
Dining Room 3
There are still things that need doing and things I want to change but I like this slower pace and now I am off to make a green tea latte and read a book while snuggled under my throw blanket and a cat curled in my lap.  Winter does have it’s highlights.

**Rug from World Market: 6’x9’ Blue Bordered Chunky Jacquard Weave Sisal Rug (Hurry, its on sale!)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Statement Chairs & One Kings Lane

Hey Everyone!  Hope you had a fabulous Christmas and Happy New Year!!  I have been on vacation all week and I am getting a ton of stuff done around the house! It feels so great to be able to check off task at a new year!
Right before Christmas I was contacted by One Kings Lane to write a post on my favorite statement chair by picking one that reflects my personal style.  I was also asked to introduce to you One Kings Lane’s new Home Décor Resource Guide.  I was excited to check out the resource guide for myself and wow, I really wish I had access to this type of information when I was in design school!  It’s a fantastic resource for information and knowledge on furniture types and offers guides to learning styles and time periods of furniture as well as decorating tips.  You can find the Resource Guide HERE
I immediately knew which chair I would feature but thought I would check out the resource guide first and they had a great article on Statement Chairs and how to select just what you are looking for, you can find that link HERE.
I choose the side chair I use in our bedroom.  When I was decorating our bedroom I choose this chair for the room because it added a pop of color and it’s a nice size, not to big, not to small.  I think the style fits my personality well in that it’s simple in design but the cane sides are a bit delicate and the upholstery is a bold color.  I painted this chair white as you know and it fits better in our room with the contrast of painted white wood against our espresso colored bedroom suite.
Chair After
I love having a statement chair like mine that is simple enough to play around with pillows and blankets as the seasons change.
Chair After with Pillow
Do you have a favorite statement chair? 
Be sure to check out the Home Décor Resource Guide over at One Kings Lane!  It is a great source for finding styles of furniture along with great tips like How to Decorate a Rental.  I know it will be a go to for me when choosing new furniture like my next piece, a new sofa. 
If you are not familiar with One Kings Lane you will love the original site and you should  become a member, It’s free and you’ll find all kinds of great deals on home accessories, furniture, antiques, etc.