Sunday, May 27, 2012



That’s my life currently.  Packing. We have had an unusually long closing period and still have a few weeks to go before we officially close on the house.  With the extra time we’ve been able pack slowly and keep the house neat while we’ve been doing it, keeping the house orderly has really helped my stress level!  Also, since the new home we are moving to will stay on the market we have been able to pack and label things we don’t need to store for a while while we live there temporarily. 

**A little back story on our moving….skip if you know already.  It is a very unusual situation and when I tell people, most of them just don’t get it, so I will explain.  We purchased land several years ago and developed into a 43 lot neighborhood.  We are trying to sell lots to builders and homeowners.  The current economy has really put a damper on the speed of selling so last year we decided to take another leap and build the first house in the neighborhood to create interest, starting the first phase of the neighborhood.  We have created a lot more interest among homeowners that may want to build in the future but we have yet to sell that first house.  All of this was the reason we sold our house.  We needed to sell our  in order to pay for the new house.  Once the first house sales we will build another.  This has been a very difficult process for me in that I want a more permanent living situation and to be able to create a beautiful home for us but I have to see the bigger picture….we need to sale lots so we may have to live strangely for a while in order to sale lots/homes. 

**A side note, when I started this blog I was starting to really put an effort into creating more beautiful spaces in our current home…a few months later we decided to build the first house so we felt a major money crunch and it was pretty hard to have projects all around the house while having it on the market.  This will be the same when we move.  I will still blog about things we do to that house while we are there and I am really itching to paint some furniture again…especially after packing these up…


This whole process is quite the adventure!  I have a feeling things will keep changing with our living arrangements for a bit. 

In the midst of it all we had a vacation planned for June so we have just a few more things to pack before the movers arrive.  We go on vacation first and then move right after.  It will be a bittersweet move, because we love this house and yard and more than that our neighbors but the move is in the right direction to get things moving for the neighborhood. 

So stay tuned for all the craziness of my life right now.  :)