Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Technical Difficulties

ARRRRGH!  I really am trying to show you new house pictures.  I was so proud of myself that I had this house set up in less than two weeks of moving!!  Keep in mind it is still on the market, had to get it ready for a buyer. 

I don’t know if it is this computer or my camera causing me so many issues but I cannot get my pictures downloaded.  Hopefully soon I can figure it out.  I do see a new computer in my near future!!! 

Hope you all are having a great week!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ahhhh Vacation

I cannot even describe how much I needed a vacation!  I needed to get out of town and away from everything that goes along with packing and moving and a break from work didn’t hurt either.  Here is my paradise…


Will and I went on a family vacation with his parents, sister and her husband in the Bahamas.  We had a great time and I unplugged from my cell phone, email, and even Facebook for at least 80% of the time I was away…It was awesome!  Next time I think I will leave the phone at home. 

But I had to take some Instagram pictures…

Abaco Inn Lunch

Seaspray Lunch

Hopetown Lighthouse   This is where we stayed, Hopetown,  in the Abaco’s.  That is Will and his Dad taking pictures of the lighthouse.  It is such a quaint little town and very much laid back island life here. 


We had a boat  and a golf cart so we were very mobile. 

IMG_0106 I held this crab and it totally freaked me out.  It had huge pinchers!  The two guys here rented the golf cart and we kept running into them on the island.  One day they had just got back from crabbing and had a whole bunch.

IMG_0421 We went to Man-O-War and visited this really cool Sail Shop where the ladies there sew bags from sail boat sails.  We tried to convince them to get on Etsy and set up shop…they could make a killing!!!



My new beach bag.  It has a yellow bottom, not in the picture but cool because it is the Bahamian flag colors.

IMG_0154At Lubber’s we met some really cool cats and the bar owner had a great eye for design.


IMG_0010    Here is everyone, minus Will relaxing by the sea.  It was a wonderful trip and it’s hard to believe it has already passed up by.  We had been planning for almost a year.  Now I need another vacation so I can get back this nice relaxed glow :)

IMG_0264Hope you are all enjoying your Summer and going somewhere fun!  It is my favorite time of year and it is finally HOT here at home :)


Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Mantel

Hello!  Happy Summer Everyone.  I have been on a Bahamas vacation and Moved! since I last blogged.  I am still trying to catch up but I thought I would link up to Layla’s Summer Fun Link Party today because bringing Summer into our house was a first on my list.

I love that our new house has a lot of white woodwork and everything just feels shiny and new and it is…It is so clean.  After my trip I was defiantly in a sea shell, cool breeze mood and I had just the right items to spruce up the mantel.
IMG_6795 I am still considering painting the mirror.  I have had it for a while and I’ve never really had a place for it but here in the new house we decided not to put up a TV in the Living Room and I need something big to cover the switch box and the mirror is a perfect fit.  Considering painting the thatching white and the black boarder blue/green.  Once I pulled everything together on the mantel it look fine, but still thinking on it.  What do you think?  To paint or not?
IMG_6796 Love my old fan. I purchased this last fall at an antiques festival.
IMG_6797 Seashells and my beautiful blue bottle.  The whole scene just feels breezy to me.
Ok…what do you think about that mirror??
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I’ll be back soon with my Summer adventures. 
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