Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More Christmas Recap

Just two little things I wanted to share before I head back to work tomorrow…ugh.  Thanks goodness for a 3 day weekend next weekend!
My Mom made these little trees out of scrapbook paper this year.  They are adorable right!?!
So, she taught me how to make them and I love them!  They are pretty easy and super cute.  I’m looking forward to using these next year in my Christmas decor.
If you Google Origami Christmas trees you should be able to find the “how to”.

Also wanted to show you all the sweet little ornaments I picked up this year. Me and my Mom usually go shopping the day after Christmas every year and we did but I went on Christmas Eve morning and scooped these up at TJ Maxx for 50% off.  I cannot wait to use these next year. They are what I like to call new vintage and I LOVE them!  I am probably going to make a wreath out of the red and green ones and use the bright ones for a tree. 
And this guy loves his new toy :) Bells and feathers, it’s the little things in life!

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