Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Tree

This year we have another small Christmas tree.  We have had one big tree in 6 years of living in this house.  I just don’t see the point really…it’s just the two of us and it is such a pain to put it up.  I really do love real trees better than the fake one and I found this little one at Lowe’s this year and snatched it up so I could have that real tree smell.  It’s about 3 ft tall and I have it sitting on one of my plant stands. 
IMG_6365This one is decorated with simple white lights, blue and silver ornaments.  Most of the ornaments are vintage ones from my Great Grandmother.  
Now I just gotta keep this little guy out of the tree!

This is my other small tree, decorated with crystal ornaments and mercury ornaments from Pottery Barn.  

I have a small ceramic tree that my Mom made in a ceramics class several years ago in our living room. 


I also have this tree that I have decorated with crystals that I collected when I was a kid from trips we took. It is a great way to showcase those. 
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  1. Those are lovely and cute trees! I love them all!
    I also have my own compilation of Christmas tree decorating ideas. Feel free to check out sometime.

    anne walker