Monday, January 30, 2012

The Little Table that Could

Finally, I finished this one!  I am not thrilled with the results but overall it turned out well.  If you want a look back take a look at this post to see the issues I had covering this with chalk paint.  It’s always the smallest projects that take the longest!!!
I painted with Old White and then used Annie Sloan’s dark wax to cover.  I really like the color it turned to.  I used too much dark wax to start but learned that you can brush on additional clear wax over it and then wipe away.  The disappointment was that I wanted the dark wax to stick in the turns on those legs but it kept wiping out.  I think I just need more practice with it.  And I’m ok with that :)
In case you missed the before shots here are a couple….
The table was in parts when I received it.  I had to basically rebuild it.  It looks good but I wouldn’t sit anything too heavy on it.  Glen is pretty light and he loves sitting on this table!!
This was after three coats of chalk paint.  I had some issues with coverage but after I primed it with Kilz things went smoothly. 
Not sure if I want to keep this one or sale.  Maybe I will decide once we sell a house and know where we will be living.  Unless I get an offer to purchase :)
What do you think?  Anybody else a little scared of the dark wax??

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  1. I think your table turned out great. Your perseverance paid off.
    Glad to be your newest follower, Mary Alice

  2. it looks awesome- i love those spool legs! and i also love your button art! :)

  3. It looks great! I'm thinking about trying dark wax on my next project. Love your blog!

  4. Thanks! I am liking it more and more.