Saturday, January 14, 2012


I was just on Pinterest yesterday for a little while and found this picture.

Ok. Let’s face it. Carrie Underwood’s legs are incredible and I am slightly obsessed! 

Well the greatest thing about Pinterest is that you can find these pictures and follow them back to the original site and see what the deal is.  This one was a good find, it is an article her leg workout and eating habits.  She looks great and I found it very inspirational since I am trying to lose a few pounds. 

Check it out here…

Pretty sure I will never be a vegetarian but I’ve been using Weight Watchers to log my food and I’ve had success in the past with so I can see her point in the food journal.   I haven’t lost any weight yet but I am back into a routine of eating better and exercising more.  I’ll keep dreaming about those legs and I’ll think about them the next time I want a chocolate chip cookie!!!


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  1. Maybe her legs are awesome, but she doesn't look healthy in the pic at all!! Good luck with your weight goals! I am sure you will do great!