Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pinterest, My Latest Addiction

I feel like I am late to the ballgame on this one.  I read about Pinterest over at Young House Love a month or so ago.  And I love it!!!!  It is a total time suck, worse than facebook because it’s pictures!!! 

Adri over at Dream Book Design wrote about Pinterest the same week as Young House Love and I decided I should just check it out and join the club.

Both of the blogs above give you the scoop, so I won’t repeat.  Just know you have to wait to be invited, so sign up today! It is totally addicting!  It’s full of inspiration on anything from decorating, cooking, fashion, paper art, and much more! 

It’s like having my binder full of magazine clipping inspiration all stored on the web.  The neat part is you can “pin” pictures from other websites and save them all in one spot. 

I am new at the game but I would love for you to "follow me"  on Pinterest. 

In just a few short weeks I have been inspired to start new creative projects.  I have also decided with all the inspiration I should start a weekly blog post on interiors that inspire me.  Stay tuned for my first series later this week! 

Here is one of my first “pins” and a must do project SOON :)  Start pinning away! 

Shutter Idea


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