Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inspiring Interiors on Thursday, a Nursery

I’d like to start a weekly feature to focus on design inspiration found on the internet.  I am hoping to keep it room specific.  To kick it off I’d like to start with Nurseries.  I was recently asked by a friend to help her with nursery decor for her little baby boy on the way and so I’ve been saving pictures of cute nurseries. 

Just to be clear to all friends and family reading this…I am not “the friend” and I’m not planning a nursery for myself anytime soon :)

Who can resist these adorable rooms!


This room has to be my favorite in the line up.  I really like the neutral colors.  For those that don’t know the sex of the baby this is a great for both.  It’s clean and neat with touches of whimsy. 

babyroomImage from


This is a really great boy room.  I love that the planes are used as a decorative element and can also act as visual stimulation for a baby with bright colors hanging from the ceiling.

pbplanes Image from


This is another great unisex room.  It is very sweet.   Clean white furniture with just a small amount of color on the drapes and bedding.  I also love the whimsical tree. 

simple Image from


This is such a calming color.  Soothing for baby and Mom.  The gallery wall of art on both sides of the room fill the space and create balance. 

two tone Image from


This one is super cozy.  It feels warm with the dark wainscoting yet bright with the light blue walls.  The bedding is traditional and kid friendly.

waincotting Image from


You all know I love painted furniture, so I had to share this image.  How cute would something like this be in a nursery!  Also that cute “B” and the butterfly mobile would be perfect for a baby. 

baby furniture Image from


This image is just for my friend, we both share a love for Dr. Pepper and I love this color dresser with the baskets for storage and the Dr. Pepper crate as a decorative element and storage. 

dr.pepper Image from


I do not have kids so I have no knowledge on the needs of a nursery but I think a nursery should be a space for Mother and Child, it should be soothing, sweet, and functional for the baby and calming and comfortable for the mother. 

These spaces all achieve those ideals but they are all very different.  Hope you enjoyed seeing these sweet little havens.


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