Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Now that’s a Garden!

Just a little Garden update here, and WOW, I can’t believe how big it is now!  Vegetable gardening is such a rewarding project, it always amazes me how quickly it can grow and all the fruit it can produce in such a short time.
This was two weeks ago…
Two Weeks AGO
two weeks ago 2

Today it looks like this!
garden today
The tomatoes are looking great, I even have a few that have started to grow.
Squash galore…
I had a bit of trouble with my cauliflower and eggplant with bugs but after treating them with Ortho bug killer we have a healthy plants.
bug Killer
We have some baby beets that are ready….
beets harvest
Fresh out of the garden!
This is my first time planting beets, I oven roasted these and added them to a salad with a little honey vinaigrette to add to the sweetness.  They would be great with a little blue cheese on a salad.
The only thing that is not growing as well as I’d like are the tomatoes in the pots.  They are healthy, but on the smaller side.  I purposely planted these in pots this year in case we did move while they were growing…house is still not on the market yet, so I don’t think we will have that issue. 
Two weeks ago
tomato in pots, 2 weeks
tomato pots
Not much difference.  :-/
Did anyone else start a garden this year?  What did you grow?


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  2. We tried tomatoes in pots this year too and have not been successful at all. Right now, we have a total of 4 tomatoes - I don't think any more are going to grow either! I'm really disappointed in it