Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Love for PB

Not Peanut Butter, Pottery Barn!!! I get more excited when the Pottery Barn catalog comes than I do when I receive magazines with actual reading material. If I ever win the lottery, I'm buying it all!

I get tons of decorating advice and ideas just by scanning the pages. I usually look through the current issue 5-10 times. I know, it sounds a little lot crazy but I spot things I didn't see the first glance.

I look at placement of items on shelves and tables to see the scale of things and the way items are placed.  I look at colors for walls and furniture.  I look at the way pictures are hung.  I  look at vase fillers the most, as I've mentioned I have a lot of apothecary jars to fill around here.  A lot of the things I see are everyday items that I already have but find new uses for them.

Everyone has different styles and it takes a while to learn yours but I am a Pottery Barn girl, I could just climb into one of those beds or curl up with a good book in one of their living rooms.  Take time to look at these magazines for ideas before you discard them, you don't always have to buy the actual product to get the look.

p.s. The new Easter collection is adorable!!!!

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  1. That would be me too!! I keep all the issues as references!! :)