Monday, March 21, 2011

Garden Awaits

Our garden eagerly awaits its spring planting...we worked hard Saturday getting it prepared for planting in a few more weeks and my muscles are officially on vacation for a while :)

This is our third year with a vegetable garden, the past two years we worked with a 6x12 garden and I wanted to expand it. Two weeks ago I came home to the surprise of an expanded garden twice the original size. Thanks Will!

To initially create the garden we simply put down boards to edge the garden, made it the size we wanted, nailed them together to form a rectangle. We added weed stopping plastic on the inside of the boards to keep grass and weeds from coming in the sides. Last, we needed to put up temporary fencing to keep deer and rabbits out, so we just put a few poles in place to hold the fencing and stapled it around the boards as well.

Here is the finished product

Here is Abbie waiting eagerly for us to start work on the preparing

To get the bed and soil right we first had to dig up all the grass that was there first, which really sucked, well for Will :)

This is the big load of dirt we had to dump in the garden. It is a mixture of soil and compost with a small percentage of mulch. As you can see in this photo one side already had good topsoil but we need a little extra there and a lot on the new side.

And this is Abbie, too hot, and DONE with the work!

I can guarantee she was NOT as popped as I was at the end of the day!!

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