Sunday, September 7, 2014

Neighborhood Update

It’s been some time since I last gave you guys an update on how things are selling in the neighborhood we developed.  Thankfully the sells have continued to stay steady and we have sold almost 50% of the lots to date. 
Glen Iris Update
Looking back, we started building the first house in Fall of 2011.  We moved in that house in July 2012 and it sold a month later.  We moved in with Will’s parents for a few month while we built the house we are in now. We moved here January 2013.  At that point in time, including those two homes, we had sold 4 lots. 
Things really started to pick up in Spring of 2013.  Fast forward to today, Summer 2014, we have sold 19 lots.  Five are currently under construction.  We are happy to have great neighbors and feel a sense of community again. 
We have finished all major construction to the land and all lots are sellable.  
We are hoping lots continue to sell soon!


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