Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Design Dilemma {Living Room}

A sweet reader, Heather,  recently emailed me and asked if I could give her some suggestions and advice on decorating her living room.  She had recently sold a large entertainment center in the space and it was feeling empty. She also had trouble arranging the furniture in the room because of the doorways and general layout.  This living room is a great space that connects to the foyer and the kitchen on the opposite ends of the room.  There is also a door that leads out to the back deck. 

A common complaint in rooms is an awkward layout.  In new construction, builders work to make spaces feel more open so I hear this complaint often.  It’s all about finding the right fit for comfort and something that is visually pleasing when you enter the room from all angles.  Finding that layout can drive you nuts and sometime you just have to move furniture around and live with it for a few days to get the feel for it.  Heather has great taste in colors, fabrics, and accessories just by looking at the rest of her home. 

I had her send me a few pictures of the space so I could get an idea of what she was working with.  She mentioned in her email that she was planning to purchase a new console for the TV  and she was considering a new couch, possibly a sectional.

Here is the current space.

Heather's Living RoomHeather's Living Room from KitchenHeather Side by Side

I actually had the opportunity to go and meet with her since she is local and see the space for myself.  The room color is awesome and overall I think she can work with what she has.  She has a great space and plenty of room for that sectional should she decide to purchase one.  Heather was most concerned on how to position the couch since the fireplace is in a corner.  Also there is a empty corner in the room that she was wondering what to do with (where yellow chair is). 

She wants to make the space something her family will enjoy and love as well.  You ladies out there all know we have to work around the men in our lives,  she wanted to make him happy by keeping the recliner and set up a comfortable space for him after a long day.  Here in the south we ladies have to work with those hunting trophies too which just adds to the challenge and I'm up for it!

My thoughts on the space were to keep it comfortable and traditional.  I love her couch but could see a nice cream or white sectional working as well. For this design I kept the couch, because if were me I would rather spend the money on accessories.  I love the rattan side chair with the ottoman but would consider a fun fabric pattern to match the couch.  Heather wants to keep the fireplace a TV free zone, which is great!  The new console for the TV will be a buffet that the new flat screen TV will go above with storage underneath.

In the corner space that is empty she has considered a desk area since she works from home and that is what I have chosen here.  It would also make a great play area for kids. 

To accessorize the space I suggest the following…

-Skinny table behind the sofa with a lamp and collectibles
-Plants, small ones for side tables and larger for the area between the foyer/living space
-Small side tables and possibly a coffee table
-The rug is a little small but the colors work great.  It could be used in the desk area and a larger one purchased for the main space
-Floor lamp near recliner
-Art for walls, this could be framed family photos, mirrors, artwork

I have created a little inspiration board with those things in mind to show what my vision is.

We also talked about the layout of the space and here is a snap shot of what we discussed. Image created using Floor Planner.
type-a-name (2)

There is so much potential for this space.  If she does decide on a new couch, the layout would pretty much be the same but I would move the sofa table to the side facing the foyer if it paired with a sectional.   I can’t wait to see what Heather does with the space, just like the rest of us she is ready to get it finished now but it will take time to collect the pieces she needs.  It will look fabulous I am sure of it!


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