Sunday, July 1, 2012

Playing House

That is exactly what I feel like we are doing right now…playing house.  We have moved into our new home and it is what we hope to be very temporary.  The house is great but we are trying to sell this one and move on to the next all in effort to get our developed neighborhood built out.  Being a developer in the current economy has not been easy….especially a first time developer.  We are hopeful good things are to come and soon.  You can read about those adventures here and here.
I wanted to show you guys the progress.  It has been a whirlwind Spring but after our vacation we moved and we are now officially settled in.  I would do a lot more on the house if I knew we would be here long term but we are optimistic that it will sell soon.  Since my current decor is pretty basic I thought I’d show you photos and tell you what I would do if it were going to be mine long term.  I’ll add what I may do short term as well.  Please not in all cases I may hang a few does still look a little blank. 
And please don’t judge these photos….not the best but this is the unofficial house tour :)
Living Room
IMG_6818 If it were long term….
1) Fabric roman shades would look great. Maybe white with a color border in light blue.
2) Furniture-a white or light beige couch with two side chairs in a fun fabric.
Our short time frame….
Probably won’t change anything big in here unless we do purchase a new couch, which I’d love to do.
Kitchen & Breakfast Area
IMG_6826This ceiling is like WOW!
IMG_6825 If it were long term…
1) A tile backsplash with a pretty design above the sink
2) A custom built island with lots of storage
3) Purchase a long runner for a rug
4) Add some cabinet organizers from the Container Store
Our short time frame….
1) Purchase a cheap island or furniture piece to re-do (the current island is borrowed from the builder).  I found an awesome one yesterday on Craigslist for $50 and when I called it had already sold :(
Breakfast Nook
IMG_6820If it were long term….
1) Roman shades to match the living room and nook
Our short time frame….
1) Nada :)
Dining Room
IMG_6812 If it were long term…
1) Bamboo roman shades with long drapes
2) Purchase a buffet to refinish & create a bar area
3) Purchase a China Cabinet to refinish
4) Recover seat cushions to a more vibrant color
5) Replace the light fixture with something a bit more casual
6) A nice bright rug under the table
Our short time frame….
I may possibly paint the table at the window a white to match the chairs
Master Bedroom
IMG_6828 If it were long term….
1) Curtains, Curtains, Curtains, most likely long  and the same color as the dark pillows
2) Purchase a bench for the foot of the bed with a fun fabric on top
Our short time frame….
I may still chunk out the money for curtains….trying to hold out
**Also, I just purchased the bedding and I love it.  The duvet is the vintage ticking stripe from Pottery Barn, this was a Christmas present and I am just now using.  Thanks Mama! The quilt and white shams came from JcPenny and the two darker pillows from TJ Maxx.  The little sailboats are from a Interiors Consignment shop  (more on that later).
Master Bath
IMG_6831 IMG_6832 

If it were long term….
1) New towels and bath mats
2) Add fake built in shelves above the toilet (which you can’t see) for storage and decor.
Our short time frame….
Thinking about removing the towel rack and replacing it with hooks.  The rack is a bit high for me to reach and Will never hangs his towel right…can’t get over it :)
**The cat bowls and water fountain (yes I have diva’s) are not really where I would prefer but space is a bit limited.
Guest Bedroom
If it were long term….
1) Hang pictures
2) Do something fun in the little nook
Our short time frame….
Nada…well I may paint the chest
Guest Bedroom
IMG_6842 If it were long term…
1) Change out the light fixture
2) Remove the towel bar and hang hooks on the opposite side and put a shelf up in the spot were the towel bar currently is
3) New shower curtain and bath mats
4) This is the cats litter room and if it were long term I would try and figure out a better solution, right now the litter boxes are in the tub
In our short time frame…
Add a toilet paper holder….oops, guess someone forgot that
Office/3rd Bedroom
Gotta love that cat :)
If it were long term…
1) New taller bookshelf or leaning bookshelves that are the same color as the desk.
2) A wall with map wallpaper and paint this room a different color
3) A storage/shelving system in the closet that can accommodate all office supplies & filing
In our short time frame..
Still debating hanging shelves
Loft/Bonus Room
If it were long term…
1) I would re-do this room completely! A sectional couch a must, a new TV stand, shelving for storage and decoration
In our short time frame…
We may move the treadmill out and re-arrange.
**this room would be a great playroom or office as well, but we would most likely use it as our main living area.

Well, what do you think?  Any other suggestions?
Hope you are all keeping cool in this insane heat!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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