Sunday, August 10, 2014

Church Plates, a New Collection

Hey Guys!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend, mine has been pretty awesome since I just got back from vacation!  Ahhhh, relaxation at it’s best! Back to the real world and work tomorrow though.
I did have time to squeeze in a little project that has been hanging around for sometime.  I have been collecting commemorative church plates since the Fall and finally have enough to hang. 
I started seeing these church plates when I was out antiquing and I decided the next ones I found I would start a collection, then of course I could not find any!  My sister in law found the first two for me and then everywhere I went I had to look for them.  I tried to find mostly plates from NC and had pretty good luck with that but have some others mixed in as well.  I wanted to hang these in one area to group them all together.
Church Plates

I hung the plates on the wall between our kitchen and living room.  I didn’t really plan it when picking the plates but the colors work well with the décor I have and is very much the color palette I’d like for the living room’s future. 
close up
The plates are really neat and I have yet to find two alike, the edges are all different in some way.  When I would ask store owners for these they would pull any plate that had a church on it, they didn’t really get it so I had to dig through a lot of junk. 
I did a little research and it seems there were several companies that made commemorative church plates for churches to sell to raise money or as a keepsake for members.  Some of mine have a little church history on the back, most all have the name of the church, city name, and a date of establishment.  I would love to find one from my home town church but no luck so far, I have heard they had one many years ago.  So if any of you reading see a Little Rock Church from Lucama, call me!! 
Wall Church Plates
I need one more on the right side so I will be on the look out for another.  Otherwise I am pretty pleased with the way this looks.  It is my first attempt at a plate wall and I am a little nervous about them falling but I have them up with wire plate hangers and Disc brand hangers.  I laid them all out on a large piece of paper to arrange and traced them, then hung the paper on the wall and added the nail holes.  This made it super easy to hang, took me about 30 minutes total.
I love it when a good collection comes together and Will doesn’t think I am so crazy anymore now that he sees my vision!  He was really awesome at spotting these in antique stores, he is a little more focused than I am in those places.   
Happy Sunday Friends!



  1. Love, love, love this idea and the church plates. If I come across any in my thrifting adventures, I will pick them up for you. Beautiful job.

  2. Oh, what a pretty and fun collection of plates!! Now, I'll be keeping my eye out for church plates just to see what is out there! :) I found this post via Meadow Lake Road and her post on plate walls.

  3. April! I just LOVE that we both collect church plates...isn't that too fun? Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my page. I'm so sorry it took me forever and a day to respond. Your collection is so pretty. Love that you stick with your state...that's so neat!! May I share this on my page?