Monday, July 14, 2014

Coffee Table

I can’t believe I have never had my own coffee table before as an adult.  I’ve always felt like it’s one of those furniture pieces that’s not really important or necessary.  Even with all my thrift shopping I never found one that I liked enough to even paint. 
I have one now and I love it!  After deciding I did want one and drooling over one for a year or more I concocted a plan and Will made it happen. 
Ikea Hack Coffee Table

I fell in love with the industrial look,  metal and wood.  I saw several that I liked, but my favorite was always the one over at Ballard Designs, the Durham table. 

I did not however like the $399 price tag.  So I saved the picture of this and pinned it to my bulletin board and I had planned to eventually have a welder build the frame and then add wood.  BUT…I was looking for some things from IKEA and found the Vittjso nesting tables.

The larger of the two is a little smaller than the Ballard table but with the smaller nesting table it is the perfect size.  I decided this would work and we could totally hack it and add the wood top.  We being me having the idea and Will doing all the work (insert devious laughs here), I love it when that plan works out! I laugh but he really enjoys projects like this and what makes our table special is that the wood came from and old tobacco barn that Will had already and had been saving for a project in our home someday. 
Ikea Nesting Table Hack with Wood
Overall ours is a bit more rustic than my inspiration but I really like the way it turned out.  It looks really cool and fills the space in our living room nicely.  I like propping my feet up at night to watch tv and love having another surface to decorate.
Ikea Vittjso Table Hack
New Coffee Table
What do you guys think of this look?



  1. I loved seeing your post come across my news feed. I have missed them. I love these tables!!! What a great Ikea hack!!! Good job!

  2. I'm so glad I found this - it's exactly what I'm planning to do. How did you secure the wood to the tops of the tables?

  3. This looks great! I have the same table and am considering doing something similar... any tips on construction?

  4. This is really great!!! Could you give us some tips on how to secure the wood to the tops of the table? Thanks!

  5. This is really great!!! Could you give us some tips on how to secure the wood to the tops of the table? Thanks!

  6. terrible tutorial

  7. it looks beautiful & its really suitable for my drawing room
    I love this!

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