Thursday, August 28, 2014

Backyard Garden Tour

As Summer slowly slips away I thought I’d share my backyard plants from this season.  I have enjoyed our yard tremendously this year.  Last year was our first Summer in this house and we added a few flower beds and planted flowering shrubs and trees.  This year we expanded those beds and I planted more.  We’ve been lucky that it hasn’t been an extremely hot Summer and we’ve also had plenty of rain so everything has flourished.


Purple Plant
In the Spring I bought a new seat for our tiny screened porch so I could sit out in the evening and read.
Screened Porch
It is the perfect cozy spot to sit without the bugs and I think I’ll enjoy even more in the Fall.
Here is a full view of the porch.
I really missed my yard from our first home.  I decided this season to get over it and make this one ours. 
Do you love working in the yard and planting?  What are your favorite plants?


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