Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Painted Dresser & Yard Sale Finds

Hey Guys!  I am winning no awards for blogging lately…I am super busy these days at work and with life and I have just had no time or schedule for much home improvement or craftiness but I have been having some fun!  This is a two punch post because I know time will run short through the week.
Lately around the house I have been enjoying watching my newly planted plants from the Spring grow, I’ve recently scored at an estate sale and yard sales.  Home Improvements have taken a back seat to Summer but I did paint this sweet dresser a few weeks ago. 
Painted Dresser After

I found this piece at an estate sale not far from me and it was a last minute trip to even go.  This piece cost $100, I would normally not spend that much but it was such an old and unique piece I had to have it.  Here is the before along with my other finds from that day.
Dresser Before
I met the owners daughter at the sale and she told me a bit about the history.  It was her grandfathers and had always stayed in the family and survived a fire at a large plantation house they once owned.  It was in pretty good shape but needed new life.  I decided to paint it with a  custom mix of ASCP in Duke Egg & French Linen and the top is a Amy Howard paint color, linen I believe. 
I used the Vaseline trick on this one because I really wanted to distress the piece a bit more than I normally do to bring out the original color and to age it.
Dresser After 2
The cabinet doors are just neat to me and inside are two additional drawers that slide out.
photo 3 (3)
The hardware is original and stayed, it’s fits the piece well.  The cabinet doors had a lock on it originally and that is missing but a knob will fit perfectly in that space. 
The best part of the story is my sister in law, Dana,  took the piece home with her and she loved it as much as I did.  It fits perfectly in her hallway!  I am happy that someone so close to me has this piece since we know the history of it.  We were so excited to send it off I forgot to take after pictures but luckily she sent me these so I could share with you guys. 

In other exciting news this past weekend in NC I went to the highway 301 endless yard sale through Harnett, Johnson, Wilson, & Halifax county.  This was the 2nd year of the sale and it was a bit better than last year but still needs some work to satisfy us home décor scavengers.  BUT…I did have luck and found some really cool stuff! 
Here is what I found…
I want to explain my purchases to you.  A lot of you reading have the same itch to score these type items and re-purpose but not everyone sees it the same way.  Some people think this looks like junk but I have a purpose and a plan for every piece.  I always like to share my pricing with you because as a bargain hunter I like to know what people find things for and what a good deal is.  I am not bragging about my sweet deal, ok maybe Winking smile
In this picture the cabinet was a great score for $40.  I was not going to by any piece of furniture during the sale for over $50 and so this was a good buy especially since I plan to use it in our home.  Will really liked this piece so win win!  I plan to use it in our living room as a display case.  I originally thought I would paint it white but now that it is in the house I am loving the dark wood, I may clean it up and leave it as is for a while.  I could also see it in a bathroom with white towels in a future home. 
photo 2 (8)
Three very different items here.  All $15 each.  I am falling in love with ironstone and find that it is a great decorating item in my dining room.  I love that it is white because it goes with anything and I am fond of unique shaped plates, pitchers, and sugar dishes.  The minnow bucket I loved at first site and my Mama had the perfect idea of it holding a plant so that is the plan for that one.  The cuckoo clock was missed at first but I found it on a second walk thru and it is in good shape other than the weights missing so it won’t actually work and that is ok, I plan to pair this with a miniature one I found at that estate sale for $5 mentioned above.  (they will probably be painted)
photo 4 (3)
This piece of driftwood was my first purchase at $2, I know you can get driftwood for free but it was $2.  I plan to use this as a décor accessory.  The basket was bought with a glass bottle, bingo roller,  and two honey pots for $10.  I am going to use it to store toilet paper in the bathroom.
yardsale dishes
Here is the rest of my loot.  The two honey pots are for my sister in law Dana.  The footed dish was a little high at $5 but I thought to would look cute holding a birthday cupcake and I was trigger ready since it was our first stop.  The map in the back is a cross stich of the NC/SC coast and I will have that reframed with something a bit more rustic.  I bought the map, church plate, and sugar dish for $25.  The church plate is adding to a collection I started about a year ago and I plan to hang these on a wall in our kitchen.  The sugar dish was my only other purchase that I felt I spent too much on at $12.  I just kind of  like sugar dishes.  The two white plates are ironstone at $1 each.  The bingo roller in the middle is my favorite find of the day and I plan to use it as another décor accessory.   The only thing not pictured is a $2 ironstone sugar dish. 
All in all I spent $131 if I kept up with my math right.  I had budgeted $100, so just a bit over. 
Did any of you make it to the sale?  Have any luck?


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