Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pallet Art

This past weekend Will made the coolest wall art!  I just had to share with you guys.
NC sign
The more I see it the more I love it!  I’ll admit I was a little unsure about the pallet art in the house but we found a great spot in our living room to add it.
NC Sign in Living Room
We had company over for the Super Bowl Sunday and everyone was loving Will’s handy work.  Someone suggested we could add “home” to the sign and I have thought about painting it on, so just for fun I added it to the picture to see what it would look like. 
NC Home
Love my handy husband!  I also love that he came up with the idea, I think my creativity is rubbing off on him!
What do you guys think?  Have you seen any cool pallet projects lately?