Sunday, January 19, 2014


The older I get the more I love this month.  I have come to enjoy the quiet days of winter when we are not so busy, however, I’ll never get used to the cold.  I’m a homebody and in the winter I like to stay inside and the quiet allows me dream for the new year and in turn I end up most inspired by decorating. 
After all the Christmas decorations came down I cleaned, really deep cleaned.  I threw out things, washed baseboards, washed windows, and vacuumed nooks and crannies.  Once everything felt new I made a to-do list of things that needed to be done this month. 
Red Berries
Once we started knocking out those to-do’s I started re-arranging and re-decorating areas.  I start to see my house again, I look at the areas I love and the areas that need change and I feel like I start from a fresher perspective.  I see ways to use old things in a different way.
Bedroom Picture
This January I’ve been organizing and making the most of wasted space and I have been decorating small areas.  I also have taken inventory of what I want for the upcoming year and how I want spaces to change.  The dining room is first on the list and I finished my gallery wall as part of my to-do’s and I found a rug that I love.
Dining Room 2
Dining Room 3
There are still things that need doing and things I want to change but I like this slower pace and now I am off to make a green tea latte and read a book while snuggled under my throw blanket and a cat curled in my lap.  Winter does have it’s highlights.

**Rug from World Market: 6’x9’ Blue Bordered Chunky Jacquard Weave Sisal Rug (Hurry, its on sale!)


  1. Your dining room is beautiful! Love the touches of vintage. Are you all in a different house now?

    1. Hey Amy! We are in a different house as of January 2013, so we have been here a year. We were trying to sell but in October we pulled it off the market. We will likely be here a few years so I am finally starting to decorate some more. I hope you are doing following your adoption journey :)