Monday, July 8, 2013

Pottery Barn Knockoff Shelves

I can’t believe I haven’t shared these with you guys yet! I have been busy with Summer fun for the past few weeks and I have not even had the time to tell you about these easy to make shelves.
My great friend Paige has these awesome shelves from Pottery Barn over her sofa that I ooooh and aaaah over every time I go to her house but since we have moved so often over the past year I have limited funds to work with and I figured I could have Will make them! He loved the idea…
Maybe not loved…but he was cool with it Smile
I found this really great tutorial over at Ana White's by Shanty Chic Click HERE We pretty much followed this step by step guide and decided to drill then directly into the wall.  If you are not good with that you can follow the directions to make pocket holes in the back to hang the shelves. 
We wanted a longer one over the couch and one in the bathroom. Here they are.
I was able to have another small one made and I have that in our home office.  As you can see we painted one white and stained one.  I love that these make changing out pictures super easy!  You will get to see the one in the office if I ever get that room finished! All in all we probably spent $10 on these.  Pretty happy about that!


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