Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bread Box

I worked on a smaller painting project last week, a little bread box.
Bread Box after
This is a very special piece to me, it is my Mom and Dad’s.  It sat on our kitchen counter most of my life and was always filled with bread and snacks.  As a child I loved the little sliding door. 
I asked my Mom about it when she was renovating her kitchen but she thought she had sold at a yard sale.  A few weeks ago I was walking through my old playhouse at home and there it was…crying to me for paint it.
bread box before
I asked my Mom if I could have it and paint it and she was good with it, however my Dad made me promise not to ever get rid of it.  Apparently it was a wedding gift to them by a lady that my Dad rented farm land from.  So now it has even more meaning and I am happy to own it.

bread box location
I had fun painting this one.  I concocted my own chalk paint color with a combination of CC Caldwell Emerald Isle, Anne Sloan Pure White, and Maison Blanche Sugar Cane.  I love the color, so bright and cheerful.  I also finally tried the Vaseline technique of distressing.  I rubbed a little Vaseline on the piece before painting.  I then painted the whole piece.  Once it was really dry I took a damp cloth and wiped it down and all the little Vaseline spots wiped clean.  Pretty cool!  I also traced the “Bread” letters before painting and then used carbon paper to draw again and painted freehanded with chalk paint. 
Here is a close up of the distressing.
bread box closeup
I could not be happier with this piece.  Happy it’s back in my kitchen Smile


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