Sunday, June 16, 2013

30-Mile Yard Sale Recap

The yard sale was not all that I had hoped it would be but I did find a few treasures.  I went armed with a list and was on the look out for certain things. 
File Cabinets
World Globes
Small Furniture to Paint
Small Shelf for Bathroom
I found none of these, didn’t really see any of this except for a shelf that would have worked for the bathroom but they wanted $50! 
There was one guy selling a lot of neat old stuff, old tins, soda crates, dishes, and ceramics.  I found this lovely lemon sugar dish.
This reminded me of one I had seen at Anthropologie and so I scooped it up for $8.
The only other spot I had luck at was a little store that was having a sale outside but inside was a collection of hoarded finds.  There I found two matching McCoy flower pots, a honey bee honey pot, and a crazy squirrel  candy dish for my squirrel loving Aunt.
I bought all these pieces for around $20.  Ceramics are not my typical find because I am usually not looking for them.  I think they are pretty neat and I plan on putting them all to good use. 
Did any of you make it out to the sale?  If so, what did you find??


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