Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Coastal Table

This unique table just craves a beach house, at least that’s where I feel like it belongs.  Or maybe I just want a beach house! I got pretty artistic with this one. I tried dry brushing, which is a new technique for me. 
Coastal Table
I picked up this table at the Salvation Army for $100, a little more than I like to spend but I really liked the unique look.  I tried to learn of it’s history but there are no markings on the table that indicate where it was made or by what furniture company.  
table before
I considered keeping this as is and restoring the top which was scratched and water stained but then I love to paint so I tried something different and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I did find this little handwritten note on the table top when cleaning it and thought it was pretty cool.
love top
I dry brushed the entire table with three layers of paint.  The first layer was a mixture of Masion Blanche Chalk Paint in Silver Mink and ASCP Pure White. The next was ASCP Duck Egg Blue, then ASCP Graphite. Last I added a little more of the white mixture over the darker parts.  After all that painting I sanded everything down to smooth things out a bit.  It certainly has a unique look to the finish but I like that it is different.  Originally I had the top layered but I didn’t like all the brush strokes on the flat surface so I used the white mixture for the top surface. 
*Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
If you are not familiar with the dry brushing technique you barely dip your brush in the paint and then you dab off the excess so you are literally painting with a dry paint brush.  This takes a long time on a piece this big!
Here is a picture of the table top dry brushed, here you can see what this would look like on a flat surface. 
top dry brushed
I preferred a solid top so I painted two coats of the 1st paint color to the entire top surface.  After I painted the top I lightly sanded to distress the edges and top a little more.
Close-up top
Coastal Table 2
Coastal Table 3

Table Legs
Table Top
Coastal Table top
What do you think about this redo?  What type of home do you see it in?  Love the tripod legs on this one.
I’ll be selling this one so here is hoping it goes to a good home! Perhaps the beach!!

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  1. I love the technique you used on this table. It turned out absolutely beautiful! I have almost the same exact table that I found on Craigslist and painted in layers of blues and greens. It came from a home at the ocean and is now in my lakeside home. I would say this style does indeed love waterfront living. Blessings to you, Patti

  2. WOW - how gorgeous - really absolutely gorgeous!
    I'd have that in my city house - never mind a country house !

  3. Thanks Guys! I am really proud of this one. I can't wait to find another piece to try out the technique on.