Sunday, March 10, 2013

China Cabinet Reveal

I am so excited to share my latest furniture project with you!  This china cabinet has patiently been waiting in the wings storage for a makeover and new home.  It was the first thing I wanted to tackle when we settled into the new house and I have really grown to love the colors.
I asked readers that follow along on Facebook what colors they thought  I should paint this piece and overwhelmingly they choose the light grey with the blue green.  AKA Maison Blanche’s Silver Mink & Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg.  I said I would paint the majority of the piece in the color but in the end I switched that combination.
Finished China Cabinet
I’ll be honest,  I was not loving the colors when I first finished but then I waxed it and tried something new and it looks fabulous.  I used ASCP in Graphite and mixed with clear wax for the top layer and the details really popped!
Detail 2
Key detail
I first sanded the edges for a little detail distressing then I applied clear wax to the entire piece.  To add the darker wax mix I used a foam brush to apply.  This allowed me to get the wax in the small grooves and brush on a thin top layer over the entire piece, buffing as I went.
Unfortunately the glass on the door broke during moving so I still need to add glass to the door or possibly chicken wire, still pondering that decision but I just had to show you guys. 
Here are the before shots.
China Cabinet before
It really looked nice after I cleaned it up good, really pretty piece and nice dark stain.
China Cabinet Cleaned Before
However, it needed a bit of repair work  and the finish was not in great shape so painting was needed to make it look complete.
First had to pull all the duck tape off the drawer and glue it back together properly. Please don’t use duck tape to “fix” furniture!  It sticks really well and yes, it holds, but leaves a mess.
Duck tapped drawer
There was also molding missing on one side that needed repair. I found the closest thing to the original and glued another piece to that to make it look similar in size.  It isn’t perfect but it was pretty close and painted you really don’t notice.  
Molding Fix
I was super excited to try Maison Blanche paint for the first time.  I really love the colors and Silver Mink was the first color I purchased to try out.
Maison Blanche Paint
This piece has really grown on me in our home and it has a coastal vibe with these colors that I really love.
China Cabinet beforeFinished China Cabinet

This piece unleashed my desire to paint, paint, paint!  I have a ton of stuff in the garage I am in the middle of working on and I can’t wait to share those projects soon.  For now, I will sit and enjoy this new beauty!
Finished Cabinet

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  1. Love it, the colors look beautiful.

  2. HI, I found you on Hometalk. This is gorgeous!! It is hard to paint that old wood, but your transformation is beautiful!!

  3. Thanks! This was a really fun piece to work on.
    Amy, please look me up on hometalk here....I posted this in error on an old Hometalk account last night.

  4. Wow that cabinet is so pretty! I really like it!


  5. This is really gorgeous. Onto my Pinterest board it will go! Blessings, Patti

  6. This is such a gorgeous color combination. I've not tried Silver Mink yet, but now I want to. And Duck Egg Blue is one of my all-time favorites.

    And what a neat trick about adding paint to the wax. I have to try that.

  7. LOVE!!! This is seriously beautiful.

    Stephanie @