Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Closet

I finally finished up operation jewelry storage today in our new closet. 

I have wanted for some time now to have a dresser in the closet for those everyday clothing items to store my jewelry in the top drawer. 

I bought the dresser from Goodwill last Summer and painted.  The new house has the perfect big closet for this piece to fit in.  We love having a dresser for storage in the closet.

Closet Finished

I added an accordion style rack on the right to hang my scarves and I like being able to see those. 

On top of the dresser I have my painted jewelry box and a little wire stand to hold a few necklaces.


Before I used a furniture style jewelry box that I’ve had since I was a child and it was filled with all my jewelry, current and childhood.

Old Jewelry Box

It literally took me days to go through all of it.  I had a lot of things that were my Great Grandmother’s as well as childhood jewelry that I could not part with.  I separated that out first then decided what to keep and what to get rid of.  Then there was the problem of how to organize the rest so off to The Container Store I went.

Jewelry Stax

I purchased 4 of these Jewelry Stax boxes.  What’s really great is they slide apart and they have clear plastic covers to keep jewelry clean.  It wasn’t the cheapest way to go but I think these will last a long time and it allows me to store the jewelry I don’t wear daily.  I bought three small containers at $9.99 each and one large one for necklaces at $17.99. They range in shape and containment size.

I was able to get everything I wanted to keep in these 4 containers and stack them in the top drawer of the dresser.

Jewelry organized

I had purchased the yellow egg crate from World Market a few weeks back and it is perfect for storing my everyday earrings and rings. We have room for my husbands “emptying pocket” tray on the left and all my jewelry hidden in one drawer.  It doesn’t look to be super neat but it is all organized.

I feel like the closet is the one room in our new house that is finished.  The only thing left to do in here is hang a blind up over the window.

Closet Layout

Closet Finished

It is super nice to have BIG closet!  I love it!

p.s. I’ve been working on an awesome furniture project I cannot wait to share!  I have some finishing touches to do but it is looking great.  That will be up next.  Have a great week everyone!



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