Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Table & Crafts

I had not planned to do much for Easter decor this year but I found a really cute “pin” on Pinterest for making paper daffodils.  Click HERE to see it.  This tutorial is great and these were really easy to make.  Instant inspiration for my table this year. 
The grass really started to grow fast and I have to trim it almost every day.  And I am pretty sure my cat Glen has been eating or walking on it that is why it looks a little crazy.
I dyed these eggs years ago, the Martha Stewart way, I took out all the egg and now I save them to use every year. 
These are a rare daffodil bulb and they are finally starting to grow.  
Love these little chicks! They are ornaments but I thought they were cute just sitting on the plates.  I think they are Two’s Company brand, I bought years ago at a local gift shop.
Over on the buffet I have a shadow box that I painted (more on that later) and added more of my bunnies.  At one point during childhood, bunnies were my favorite animal and I gathered a few ceramic ones and stuffed ones. 
These were a gift when my brother was born and are very dear to my heart.
I purchased these letter press stamps at an antique store…notice the “P” that is a “d”, oops :)
So happy Spring time and Easter!!
Hope you all have been having a little taste of Spring weather. 


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  1. I LOVE this post. The table looks great.. Can't wait to make em some of those daffodils. Oh and I really like the shadowbox esp the little bunnies that was your very first gift from your little brother. How sweet.

  2. What a pretty centerpiece! I always flake out on Easter decorations. You may need to come do them for me. Ha!

  3. Love this! Following you from Kate's party-stop on by for a visit!