Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Welcome to Atlanta

I teased you all on Facebook and Instagram a couple weeks ago.  I went to Atlanta with friends to go to the opening football game for NC State and Tennessee but really the highlight for me was finally going to a Pottery Barn Outlet store!   Heaven on Earth.  As soon as I walked in I texted Will to say, “you better be glad we don’t own a home right now!”  It would have been a hot mess! 
I was really thrilled to find that they had current bedding, towels, and dinnerware.  They also had current accessories.  It was really a great experience and I will be planning a trip again once we have a house of our own. 
Here is some of the cool stuff I found. I really didn’t take too many pictures, I was too busy looking.
These were in the Fall catalog along with cut out pumpkins and mercury glass pumpkins that were also in the outlet. 
My biggest purchase was this punched tin lantern that was marked as $49.99 from $79.99 and it was 25% off for Labor Day sales. 
I also bought a few vase fillers but these little pumpkins were my favorite!
We also went into a Restoration Hardware outlet and they had some really pretty stuff but it was still really expensive. 
I would love this couch, so soft and buttery.
These “found” jars were really neat but at about $80-150 a pop I think I can “find” some at the flea market!  Love the grouping.

This outlet center also had a William Sonoma Outlet,  it was great too.  I also went to the Ballard Design Backroom while in ATL but was not impressed.  Overall great shopping day.  can’t wait to visit another one in the future…the closest one to me is 5 hours away, so it will be a while.  Will can rest easy.



  1. and You didn't bring me an owl! oh yeah. and I love that couch too.

  2. i saw some great glass jars at pier 1 last night. we have a PB outlet at home in PA but prices are still high - less than full price in the store, though, and I always buy something! RH outlet curtains are the BEST DEAL!!

  3. We have a couch and chair from Restoration Hardware and it's been one of our guiltiest pleasure purchases of all time. But they were well worth the money!

  4. I went the first time about 5 years ago to that Pottery Barn outlet and now I look for any excuse to make that long drive back again. It's amazing!