Sunday, September 30, 2012

Styling Shelves

Hello readers!  I know I have been super slack lately with posting.  I am a pretty up to the minute, project by project blogger and don’t have a lot in my project bank, living with family pretty much kills any personal projects.  I have some furniture waiting to be painted but no space to paint and I have a few things to show you that my Mom is doing to her kitchen but for now I am inventing projects. 
A few weeks ago I asked my in laws if I could re-style their living room shelves.  I had a lot of fun just snooping around their attic looking for trinkets to use.
Here is a before shot
Close up of each side
I was asked to leave the Giants helmet so that was the only thing I had to work around.  I wanted to add more fall/football anyway so not a problem.  They already had some great stuff on the shelves, just needed a little tweaking.
Here is the after
What do you think? Before on the left After on the right.

I also had some fun arranging a couple other areas of the living and dining room vignette areas so that was a surprise when they arrived home. 
Maybe one of these days I will show you guys our current living space.  It is great, we have a little upstairs apartment (minus a kitchen) but it is nice to have our own space.  I do find myself wanting to decorate it, I am trying to rein myself in….I am an incurable decorator!!  I need to stay away from TJ Maxx and Home Goods and Pinterest!  Can’t wait to have my own house again.


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