Monday, February 13, 2012

A “Vintage” Sign

This is one of my favorite projects to date!  I had so much fun making this sign. 
This is an old cabinet door that came out of the $15 estate sale room.  I saw a few signs at an antique sale a few months back and knew I wanted to try my own sign.  I've been pinning old signs on Pinterest for a while to find one I liked and finally decided to try my own thing.  I pinned and used Miss Mustard Seed’s tutorial seen HERE
I painted the base in Provence Chalk Paint, one coat.
I am lucky because I have a projector I use for work so I hooked that up and projected the logo I found using Google images.
I just centered and traced out the design.
The next step was painting in the lines.  I used all the same colors except the “pickles” I wanted in yellow.  I was pretty impressed with myself for staying in the lines!
As you all know I am usually hesitant to really distress my furniture much.  I like the slightly worn look.  But, for this sign I really wanted it to look old so I sanded away.
And just to give you a better idea of size I stuck it up on my pie safe to photograph. 
I don’t have a home for this yet but this is mine to keep.  I chose the Bick’s Pickles logo because me and Will meet at my Dad’s cucumber station.  My Daddy is a farmer and years ago the farm grew cucumbers and operated a cucumber station.  I worked Summers there in high school and Will found a job there through a friend for two Summers and the rest is history :)  The cucumbers that were grown during the time we both worked there were sold to Bick’s Pickle Company.  :)
What do you guys think?  I’m ready to make another, it was a neat project to work on.

Linking up to the Pinterest Challange hosted by Katie, Sherry, Cassie, & Erin.  Be sure to stop by all and check out the projects. 


  1. I love it! What a great story you have to go with it.

  2. I am in AWE! That's amazing! Next time the Husband brings up buying a projector I think I might have to go along with it!!!! This is awesome!
    Thank you so much for linking up your sign, I'm so glad I saw it!!!
    Lots of Love

  3. Very cute! I did also made a vintage-look sign for the Pinterest challenge but you had to paint so much more detail for yours! I don't know that I would have had the patience!

    Claire @

  4. Oh, this is so cute! I love, love this sign!

  5. Wow, this is really good! You make it look so easy, but I'm sure it took quite a bit of talent :)

  6. Ooh, I wish I had a projector I could borrow from work! One of the projects on my to do list is a wall stencil, and it would be infinitely easier with a projector!

    Great job, and thanks for linking up with the Winter Pinterest Challenge!

    Erin @ The Great Indoors