Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pinterest Organizing

Wow!  Pinterest literally sucked away at least 4-5 hours of my time this weekend if not more, but not exactly how you think.  I organized all my Boards and Pins!  I seriously need help, I am the complete opposite of a hoarder. 

I wanted to create boards and save pins that really reflect my style and not just a lot of likes that were all over the place.  I also really wanted just pins of things I would realistically craft, cook, or use as actual decorating tips.  Pinterest is an incredible website and I have always saved images from magazine and I love having a virtual place to store images.  I also love that I can refer back to websites for things I want to remember.  

I started with 675 pins and now have 379!!  I had 18 Boards and now have 24.  As I was deleting pins that I really just “like” I found that my Decorating board was overloaded with certain images such as, Curtains, Gallery Walls, and Wall Treatments.  These guys now have dedicated boards. 

In the process of cleaning all these up I found this blog entry from Blogging with Amy that gave great tips for using Pinterest and I found special interest in the tips on helping “Pinning” to grow your blog.  I am grateful that some of you follow me on Pinterest and welcome any of you that currently do not to do so.  You can find ME Here.

I hope that now you will see a better reflection of my style.  I also updated my picture, I had Will take a couple pictures so I’d have a good current one.  Here is one that did not make the cut. LOL!


Hope you all have had a great Sunday! And happy Pinning!


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