Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turquoise Chalk Paint

I have been so excited to share this dresser with you!  I created a new Chalk Paint color!! I mixed Provence with Old White and the result is a beautiful turquoise. 
Wow…I really need a new camera.  It looks so much brighter in person.  It is a real beauty!  Remember the before?  The $15 estate sale….see here
It was the perfect project for Chalk Paint because it had dings and scratches and at least 4  layers of paint.  It was well loved used.  I did strip and stain the top because I really wanted to see the original wood.  It still has a lot of scratches on the top and some of the old paint would not budge from the deep crevices but I think it gives it character.  On the body the chalk paint acted perfectly and covered up all the paint, scratches, and other stuff with no primer Instant gratification, gotta love that!
I plan to post a “How To” post tomorrow on this piece.  I really just want to show you the process a bit closer and it will be a longer post. 
I often wonder about the history on pieces that I find and I would really love to know more about this one.  It had a Yellow, Brown, Pink, and Blue layer of paint and I kinda of think it was used in a baby’s nursery with those colors.  It seems it’s last use was in a workshop because of the scratches, can rings, and oil spots on the surface.  I like to think someone kept it around a long time.  On to it’s new life :)
Whatcha think??


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  1. Beautiful!! Love the color and the natural wood top... Great Job!

    xx Liz

  2. The color is really pretty. I like the top with the wood finish.

  3. It turned out fabulous! I love the dark top, too!

  4. Great job! Love the color!

  5. it looks awesome! i love the dark top with that awesome color!

  6. Thanks Everyone! I really had fun with this one...It was small enough to enjoy the hard work on it.

  7. Looks fantastic!! Mixing paint is great fun isn't it!!
    Love the color!

  8. I LOVE this! I would love if you would share this at the Crazy Cute link party happening at Between U & Me right now! I've got a totally awesome giveaway this week, too!
    OOH! AND, I'm your newest follower! ;)

  9. Thanks! Just linked up to your party, thanks for the invite and thanks for following :)

  10. It looks great! Love that you had the top of the dresser a different color.