Monday, October 24, 2011

Then There Were 3

I was hoping the next pets we took in would be Zebra Finches..but this little guy found us…
Glen is fitting in perfectly with our pet babies.  Our oldest Cat, Nipper, seems to like the company.  I should mention that Nipper is my BABY, I have had him for almost 6 years and I’ve had him since he was just over 4 weeks old.  I bottle feed him until he could eat solid food and I am his mother :) 
IMG_6229He loves his peace and quite and sleeping.  When we adopted our dog, Abbie over two years ago Nipper was not happy and I’m pretty sure he is still mad at us about that.  He has adjusted as much to Abbie as I think he ever will…he stays upstairs on his side of the baby gate and Abbie stays on her side.  When they are near each other without the gate Nipper hides because Abbie is just too much for him.
Now Nipper has a pal and playmate in Glen.  Nipper is a very playful cat when he isn’t sleeping and Glen seems to be pretty mild but since he is still a kitten there energy levels match.  I just want to see them snuggled up together one day then I’ll know they love each other.
As for Abbie, well she is a little jealous of Glen.  Glen is pretty fond of Will and she doesn’t like the attention Glen gets from him.  Glen is totally different than Nipper around Abbie, he comes and goes and is not afraid of her unless she is too close to him. 
I think before long Abbie and Glen will be friends too.  So all in all, maybe Glen was the missing link we needed in our zoo :)
IMG_6221 April