Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dresser How To

Happy Saturday Everyone!  I am enjoying my day so much…I am getting chores and projects done all the while watching scary movies on AMC Fear Fest.  I love Halloween weekend :)
I promised you a “How To” yesterday on the turquoise dresser…sorry for the delay. 
IMG_6233 As I mentioned in the post above this dresser was in serious need of a makeover.  As I worked on this piece I wondered what it’s story was.  There were some interesting finds on this one. 
I did not have to do as much prep work as I did since I was using Chalk Paint but I did more sanding to get a smoother finish.  I also cleaned the piece well just because that’s me and I could not stand the dirt and grim on it. :)
Here are a couple before shots.  This dresser had 4 coats of paint and it was in pretty bad shape.  It had all kinds of paint splatter, oil, dirt, scratches, and cracks. 
One side was blue…the other was…brown or pink…
IMG_6073 After just scrubbing it, the brown rubbed off…
IMG_6077This was a big crack in the top.  Also here you can see all the layers of paint.  Original stain, yellow, pink, brown, blue. 
Can rings…
First I cleaned it really good with dishwashing liquid and water, scrubbing it down.  I don’t usually like to clean any wood with water but this one had to be cleaned.  It was gross and it had a very musky smell. 
After it was all clean I stripped the paint off the top of the dresser with Strypeeze.

Sorry…I must have forgot the pictures on the paint stripping part.  It took about 3 heavy applications of the stripper to remove all the layers.  This brand is the best I’ve used, picked it up at Ace Hardware.
After I stripped the top I sanded the entire piece with coarse sandpaper.  Next I filled all the nail holes, cracks, and indentions.  Then I sanded everything again with fine sandpaper. 
All I could think when I saw these drawers was that there must have been a raccoon trapped inside…crazy scratch marks on one of the drawers. 
And then there were these weird holes in the top of another drawer.  Was someone keeping count of something?
I also realized when filling in holes that the dresser used to have pulls instead of knobs.
Here is a shot of the top filled and cleaned.  I used a pre stain wood container since there was still a little paint and this guy was in such bad shape, this is the way it looked after that dried.
The wood filler I used is paintable and stainable.  I purposely choose the stainable kind because of the large crack in the top that needed filling.
The key holes had been painted and I just sanded the paint off. Here is the before…
And after…
I used Rub ‘n Buff in Antique Gold on these to shine them up for the finished product.

Wow! What a difference!  There are still some issues…the bottom drawer does not work.  It will shut with some careful maneuvering but it will not open!  Still, I think it would be a great table for and entryway or side table in any room. 

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  1. Hi,
    This dresser was a bit of work, but well worth it! All of your hard work certainly paid off. I love it! I am so wanting to try chalk paint. I bought a sofa table at a yard sale. It has a carved graphic design on top. Need to fill in like you did. I would love to paint it A.S. chalkpaint white and do a graphic on top. Have not tried that yet either, have you?

  2. Thanks Jann, I have not painted a graphic design with chalk paint yet. I have used the Old White color and like it alot! I want to try the new Pure White.