Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mango Pineapple Smoothie



I’ve been enjoying this smoothie all Summer, it’s quick and easy.  Just 3 ingredients! 


I start with a little ice in the blender, you can put as much as you’d like.  Then I add the yogurt, I love the Chobani because it is thick and it has the fruit on the bottom.  I add a little coconut extract to sweeten it a bit and then cut up my mango. 


Mangos are easy to peel and slice.  I just slice off pieces all the way around and I try not to get too much of the center, it’s hard to slice into anyway, but it’s not really sweet. 

Ripe mangos have a little push to them and they have a fragrant floral smell. 

All mixed up…


And Delicious!  Hope you enjoy.  Makes a great breakfast on snack if you want something sweet. 


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