Friday, July 15, 2011

Pendant Light

I received my Pottery Barn catalog this week and I went through it last night in bed and drooled over a lot of stuff this issue. Why can't I be super rich? If I ever win the lottery I'm going on a Pottery Barn binge.

I was able to restrain my self until I saw this...

The Calhoun Glass Pendant

I swear angels started singing, my heart raced and I started babbling something and Will turns his head and says, What the hell is wrong? So really I think I got a little crazy eyed!

You all know I love glass. And the simplicity of the fixture is so clean and neat. But really what grabbed my attention is I have a necklace pendant that was my great grandmothers and it is eerily similar in design to this pendant. Anything that reminds me of her makes me happy!

So here's hoping that I can save some quick money and get this bad boy in the new house when we move. I'm thinking Foyer.

Check out some more images over at Pottery Barn

We've had a few showings this week and one family has been back 3 times to see our house, so fingers crossed!  I'm really tired of keeping everything neat as a pin!

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