Sunday, July 31, 2011

Homeade Artwork

Worked on a little project this weekend.  I saw on Pinterest a sign from Lemonade Makin Mama where she purchased BAKE letters from Ballard Designs and hung them in her kitchen.  Well I loved this idea because I love baking and thought this much more appropriate than the EAT letters for our house. 
I started with the wooden white letters from Michael's Craft Store.
And an old cookbook that I never use.
A little Mod Podge
I just tore the dessert recipes out of the book with wavy edges and stuck them down on the letters. IMG_5827Once that was done I flipped them over on a mat and cut the edges off up next to the letter. 
They finished up nicely and I love the result.  I used the Satin finish Mod Podge and this gave a nice finish.  I also love the recipe’s, this was an old home extension agency cookbook and my Mom had a few recipes in the book and I have one with her name on one of the letters :)
IMG_5839 I wanted to hang these on a skinny wall vertically in my kitchen but since we have the house on the market I thought it best not to add any additional holes to the walls.  So, here’s hoping I will find a perfect spot for these in our new home. 
On that note…I’m going to take the month of August off from blogging.  I hope you all will stay tuned for more projects and ideas come September and this Fall.  I have a busy August a head while having to work the next two weekends and with the house being on the market it is hard to start big projects and decorate around here but I have lots of plans for the next home and we are hoping we get an offer soon!  I also want to soak up as much of this summer as is left, I just love warm weather and I’m looking forward to long lazy days ahead :)


  1. what a great idea to use on those letters! i had something planned, but they ended up looking great in my space in the plain old white! i love the extra interest yours have!

  2. What a great idea!!! I love that!! I have "eat" in my kitchen, and it's pretty common to see, I love the recipes on the letters, so original!!

  3. Love this idea! P.S. I'm your newest "follower". Love the blog and the fact that your description sounds so much like me, all the way to our first name. :D I'd love for you to pop over and visit my blog sometime!

  4. April...Love your blog name! As soon as I saw your comment I thought, that's me, a compulsive decorator :) Thanks for stopping by, I will check out your site now.