Monday, June 27, 2011


I bought something Saturday!  Finally, I found a buffet for the dining room.  It is not exactly what I wanted but the price was right and it is similar.  I think it will have the perfect amount of storage and it will look a lot better when I’m done...anything would be better than the current state!


The final price after some negotiating was $57.80.  I’ve already purchased my new chalk paint color and you will have to wait to see! 

I also picked up two side chairs for $27 each.  They need to be recovered badly, but it is rare to find a pair and I have a place for them in the future.  These will hang out in the garage a while.  No rush to fix these up. 

I am considering learning how to re-upholster furniture, I’ve been encouraged by lots of other bloggers and I am wondering if I can do it myself.  I guess it depends on the fabric I find, if I go with something patterned I will probably leave it to a professional. 


Not much to share today, I’ve been so busy with summer time and soaking up my favorite time of year that I am lacking blog worthy subjects. 

In other news our house officially went on the market a week ago, still no showings which is disappointing to me, but we are keeping everything super clean around here!


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