Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Story of Why I Started Blogging

I woke up this morning thinking that I should share this story, so here goes. 

Well over a year ago I started reading home decorating blogs.  It all started with The Pioneer Woman and through that blog I found Layla at The Lettered Cottage.  Quickly I was completely consumed by reading blogs and my daily internet visits to news sites, hotmail, and facebook quickly turned to daily blog reads.  Now I have a huge list that I follow and read daily.  All of these women inspire me and I feel as if I’ve found new friends since they share interest in the same things I enjoy.    

My family long ago started calling me Martha, they joke, but I am a perfectionist like Martha Stewart.  They think it’s funny, but I take it as a high compliment, I only dream of being as successful as her!  I love decorating, hosting parties, cleaning (Yes Cleaning!), and gardening.  Most people I know are not as fussy over any of this stuff but I am completely Type A about it….I like for everything to be in perfect order and I like doing things myself.  Once I found blogs I realized there is this whole world of women out there like me in so many ways and through blogging it is easy to connect with them and offer or receive feedback on projects.  Later I also found furniture blogs and then I was really sucked in, I have learned so many great tips and I’ve been working on a lot more furniture painting/refinishing since. 

The light bulb went off….

In June of last year I was sitting on a plane on my way back from Nashville, TN from a work trip and I thought to myself, I should blog.  I knew Blogging would be a great opportunity for me to share all of my thoughts and ideas on decorating, gardening, cooking.  I also knew it would be a great way for me to improve my writing skills. 

The name of the blog came to mind quick, A Heart’s Desire.  I could not get this name out of my head and ultimately I think this was the driving force behind starting the blog.  My heart desires to do the things I love everyday and I love sharing those things.  I’ve always liked to share with other my secrets in cooking, my “do it yourself” projects, cleaning secrets, etc.

I also have a degree in interior design but do not always have the opportunity to be as creative as I’d like to be in my career in tile sales.  I knew a blog would be a great journal for my decorating projects and other related homemaking activities.

In these short 5 months of starting this blog it has proved a great outlet for my creative side.  I only wish I had more time to complete more projects, but for now I must work,  the bills keep coming! 

So the thought to start the blog was in June, that thought continued to nag at me…I really just felt like I did not have time to write.  In November I finally signed up on Blogger and learned a little bit about blogging.  Overall it’s been a pretty easy process but at first I was very frustrated because I had trouble learning how get my page set up like I wanted it and I felt overwhelmed and went back to thinking that I just didn’t have time to do this.  Only the name kept haunting me.  My husband finally said if you want it bad enough you’ll make time to do it.  So in January I paid someone to set up all the html coding and make my page look pretty and I started writing in February.    

So that’s the story folks, I hope you are enjoying this blog!  I am grateful to all of you followers and readers out there, Thank You!  I hope that you find the content here inspiring and you keep reading and tell your friends to read.  I am really enjoying the ride, I’m learning  a lot and loving your thoughtful comments.  I hope to grow this blog and continue to add many more projects and ideas.   :) 



  1. I'm reading!! Keep going girl! Keep going!

  2. Inspiring!!! Don't quit, who knows where this will take you!!!! The sky is the limit!!!